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How to Dispose of Tampons?

Some common mistakes we do while disposing of tampons or pads and how to rectify them are as follows:

  1. Tampons aren't flushable to begin with, they should be disposed of by simply throwing them in the bin, either wrap up in toilet paper or purchase scented menstrual product bags.
  2. After inserting the tampon wrap the applicator in toilet paper and throw it out. Do not flush it. Most bathroom stalls have little garbages, if not, just go to the nearest trashcan and discreetly throw it out. No one should suspect a thing!
  3. Do not keep tampons inside for too long. Most tampons come with warnings about Toxic Shock Syndrome, including information on how long you should keep the tampon in.
  4. Tampons should not be worn overnight—use pads instead.


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