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How to Eliminate Body Odor?

  1. Instead of masking the odor created by bacteria, instead of trying to inhibit the growth of bacteria by reducing the amount of sweat produced, eliminate the bacteria which cause odor and you thus you can eliminate the odor.
  2. Humans generate apocrine and eccrine sweat. Some bacteria on our body feed off apocrine sweat. Once they consume the sweat, they do what any living creature on earth does: they defecate. B.O. is the smell of bacteria excrement.
  3. Maintain good hygiene. Good hygiene doesn't stop at washing your body; it also includes washing clothes. Certain fabrics, like cotton, easily absorb bad odors.
  4. Stress is more prevalent today. There are higher expectations, tighter schedules, more work, etc., and they all cause an unnatural amount of anxiety on the body, which causes perspiration and, in turn, may make us smell.
  5. Eating certain foods can also affect how you smell. If a food is poignant enough, its smell can make it all the way through your body and come out from your pores.
  6. One of the most common ways to get rid of body odor is to wash with both soap and water especially in the groin area and armpits which are more likely to smell. The best soap to use is a deodorant soap which impedes the return of bacteria.
  7. Heredity, as already mentioned, is an unavoidable factor in the sweating process.
  8. Tobacco and alcohol often lead to body odor, since they release smells from the skin and the breath. These are two habits to kick if you want to eliminate unpleasant odors.
  9. A bit more effort is required for the pharmacy solution to sweating and body odor.
  10. Keep paying attention to what your body is expressing to you and you'll be prepared to treat your needs effectively.
  11. For normal body odor problems, the best way to eliminate it is to either get lots of outdoor exercise or use a sauna.
  12. If you have a chronic body odour that never goes away, no matter how much you wash; you may have a bacterial imbalance in your digestive system. Take probiotics and the smell will go away.


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