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How to Get Rid of Bad Breath? | Breath Assure

  1. Purchase and use a tongue scraper and/or vigorously brush your tongue--your teeth are not the only place where odor-causing bacteria form. Make sure to brush the back of your tongue, not just the front.
  2. All your bad breath seems to be stemming from within. While some bad breath is superficial, i.e. caused by bacteria in the mouth. It is often times the result of poor digestion. To alleviate this type of bad breath, make it a point to eat a serving of active culture yogurt every day.
  3. The people of South America start their mornings by gargling with one teaspoon of honey and cinnamon powder mixed in hot water. This keeps their breath fresh throughout the day.
  4. Make sure you see a dentist regularly to fill up any cavities that may cause an unpleasant odor.
  5. Drink plenty of water throughout the day to assure a fresh, clean feeling.
  6. A dry mouth which can be caused by medications or stress, can cause bad breath. If this is the cause some chewing gum to get the juices flowing again should remedy the situation.
  7. Chronic bad breath could be a symptom of lung infections, bronchial infections, metabolic disorders, carcinomas or biochemical disorders, however, the mouth and the nose are usually where the problem originates.

Easy and Assuring tips to sway away Bad Breath or Halitosis

  1. Remove the layer of plaque, food debris, and dead cells which protect bacteria from oxygen.
  2. For bacteria the tongue is a lush velvet carpet in which they can escape the wrath of the toothbrush and dental floss. Hence clean your tongue regularly.
  3. Conditions which reduce saliva flow or which make our mouth dry can therefore lead to bad breath.
  4. Some defaulters for bad breath are Recently eaten foods such as: onions, garlic, dairy products, alcohol and high-sugar foods. A mouth coated in sugar is a welcome environment for breath-corrupting bacteria.
  5. Avocado is known to drastically reduce intestinal putrefaction which is one of the leading causes of bad breath. Avocado can be found in most grocery stores in the fruit section.
  6. When brushing your teeth, make sure that you are brushing long enough. Every area of the mouth should be brushed along with every inch of every tooth. Use a soft bristled brush and use back and forth motions on each area of the teeth.
  7. Sinus problems, stomach problems, certain foods and medications, and other factors can contribute to bad breath.
  8. The main reason for bad breath when smoking is found to be caused by the chemicals found in cigarettes. These are then moved into your mouth, where they can build up. Tar and nicotine easily begin to build up on the mouth surfaces.

What is Breath Assure?

If you are looking for products on Bad breath reducers or maskers, you would have gone through one of the product called BreathAssure. This product was introduced about a decade ago. According to the ancient findings, fresh parsley is an age old home remedy for curing bad breath. Breath Assure is based exactly on this idea.

Breath Assure is a capsule of parsley oil and they are swallowed as a whole. It is recommended to use Breath Assure for temporary relief from garlic breath and other halitosis due to eaten foods. It masks the food odors on breath, but it is not a long term solution for bad breath. Breath Assure can definitely get you through couple of hours date, but you'll likely need it again after that.

Reviews of BreathAssure

Breath Assure is not in production and it is no more a available option. It is now sold as a different name Mint Assure instead. There are lot of changes in MintAssure from its parent Breath Assure. BreathAssure is the best product for masking the bad breath and its effect can last for couple of hours of so.

Breath Assure Facts

Products like Breath Assure work better for problems like chronic halitosis. Breath Assure act on the bacteria that release the bad smelling sulfur compounds, and reduce the bacteria that are residing in the mouth. The less of these bacteria, the less odor is produced. BreathAssure fresheners constituted a number of herbs which contribute in eliminating odors in the mouth. These herbs include, but not llimited to, sunflower oils and parsley seed. Although BreathAssure is now forbiddened by court to claim that any of the ingredients taken by mouth will reduce the bad breath in any extraordinary way.

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