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How to Have the Perfect Relaxing Bath?

There are some essentials ingredients to having a great bath.

  1. Make sure that you have at least an hour of free time for your bath.
  2. Silence! First things first; let it be known to kids, roommates, husband, etc, that you will be bathing and will need 30-60 minutes of quiet time.
  3. Water temperature:  this is based on personal preference.  What I do is have the water at a temperature slightly above comfortable
  4. For normal to oily skin, add 1-2 teaspoons of almond, olive or sunflower oil to the water
  5. Grab a soft towel to place behind your head.
  6. Set the mood.  I like to turn the lights down, turn on some chill jazz and light candles in the bathroom.  This can be absolutely blissful. 
  7. Use a washcloth or gentle loofa to buff your skin. Use a body cleanser or body wash.
  8. Start relaxing before you hit the water.  You deserve it!  Indulge yourself in a glass of wine or champagne 
  9. Dry off with a clean towel by softly patting your skin.  Apply moisturizer - skin is most receptive to lotion post shower or bath.
  10. The bath is a perfect place to paint your nails, just make sure that you wait until the polish is dry before you put your hands underwater.
  11. Make sure your bathroom is clean.
  12. If it is a nice day, open the bathroom windows to make the room fresh.


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