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Mind Body Work - outs

Mind-body work-outs, as the name suggests, are work-outs that exercise both your mind and your body. Tai chi, the various forms of yoga, and pilates, are all examples of mind-body exercise that require you to train your thoughts on your breath, your posture, the particular moves you are making, and how your body feels as it makes each individual move. If you're jogging, stepping on a stairmaster, or cycling, you can simultaneously watch television, listen to music, or think about a birthday present you could get for your mother. With a mind -body exercise, you must remain in the moment so that you can focus on everything you are doing and feeling.

While mind-body work-outs may sound mentally exhausting, they are actually soothing. When you've finished you will probably feel as refreshed and peaceful as you do after meditating; in a way, mind-body exercises are an active form of meditation. Mind-body work-outs also help you develop an awareness of your body's signals and abilities.

Meditation can have healing and calming effects on a stressed mind. For total relaxation, you must avoid all other mental stimulants and make time to empty your mind of all the mental clutter of your daily life.

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