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How to Safely Use a Public Bathroom?

We must follow some saftly measures while using the public bathrooms since they are most vulnerable to infections and other problems. We have laid down some steps and guidelines you should follow to make their use effective and not nightmare for you.

  1. Search for the bathroom in the public place and find one that is farthest from any social activity. These bathrooms tend to be the cleanest.
  2. Choose a restroom stall. Try to find one that appears reasonably clean.
  3. Make sure the door can close completely.
  4. Wipe the seat with fresh toilet paper, whether it was dirty or not.
  5. Use a seat cover if one is provided. If the bathroom has no seat covers fold toilet paper over where you will be sitting to create one.
  6. After wiping, get up and throw your make-shift seat cover into the bowl.
  7. Wash your hands and always use soap.
  8. Use paper towels to dry your hands. If not available then hand dryers will work too.

If possible, avoid touching the door handles or doors to the restroom after you have washed your hands. Researchers have found higher concentrations of bacteria on public restroom door handles than anywhere else in the restroom. Thus, if you must open a door to exit, use your elbow, your foot, your shoulder, or a paper towel.


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