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How to Smell Nice?

  1. Use a good cologne. Drug store colognes typically smell cheap.
  2. Wear clean clothes once, then wash them. Use a good laundry detergent and softener. Some are available without scents or dyes.
  3. Dispose off shoes that smell.
  4. Use talcum or some other wetness-absorbing powder.
  5. Don't eat certain foods such as garlic, coffee, cheese, cigarettes.
  6. Use clean bedsheets.
  7. Smoking smell is one of the worst smells in the world.
  8. Remove hairs under your armpits. A lot of bad smell is stuck to the hair.
  9. Use a suitable deodorant. Suitable means what fits you and what fits to the occasion. Antiperspirants prevent sweating, while deodorant neutralizes your body odor.
  10. Brush your teeth three times a day.
  11. Take a shower and wash the hairs as well. Greasy hair smells anything but fresh. If you have strong body odor, then bathing twice or even three times daily is recommended.
  12. Use a clean towel sicne it defeats the purpose of showering if you dry off with a filthy towel.
  13. Use socks to protect your feet from smelling. Sweaty feet trapped inside shoes are a recipe for bacterial growth.
  14. Wear your cologne lightly, don't over do it.
  15. Use deodorant soap when showering.


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