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How to Stay Away from Germs?

  1. Viruses are commonly spread through sneezing and coughing. Viruses live in the saliva and mucus in our noses and throats - when we sneeze or cough, we spray these infected droplets into the air. Cough or sneeze into a tissue, throw the tissue away, and wash your hands.
  2. Shots (immunizations) offer the best protection against many diseases, including flu and pneumonia.
  3. Clean your home and work spaces regularly. "Regular" cleaners are best for most homes and workplaces. Do not use antibacterial cleaners.
  4. It’s best to stay away from people who are sick as fas as possible. If you cannot, then be extra careful. Although it sounds rude, but this is the best way to reduce the risk of your own infection.
  5. If you have a contagious sickness like the flu or a cold, do your best to stay away from other people, especially those who are old, very young, pregnant, etc.
  6. Don't share your drinks and straws with anyone. This reduces the risk of germs transfer through mouth.
  7. Keep your kids and pets away from any sick or dead birds and tell your kids if they do find a sick or dead bird, NEVER to touch it or play with it.


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