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Acne scars Treatment, removal - how to get rid of acne scar?

Acne scarring depends of different to different people. All experience different types of scarring from acne, and every person is left with different facial topography. Therefore, acne scar treatment must suit the needs of the person and must be addressed on a case by case basis. No single treatment is right for everyone. You and your dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon will have to decide what is right for your type of acne scarring.

Causes of Acne Scars

In the simplest terms, scars form at the site of an injury to tissue. They are the visible reminders of injury and tissue repair. In the case of acne, the injury is caused by the body's inflammatory response to sebum, bacteria and dead cells in the plugged sebaceous follicle. Two types of true scars exist:

(1) Depressed fibrotic scars are usually quite large, with sharp edges and steep sides. The base of these scars is firm to the touch. Ice-pick scars may evolve into depressed fibrotic scars over time.

(2) raised thickened tissue such as keloids.

Acne Scars Treatment - home remedy for acne scar

  • Basic research into how acne scars are formed and how they respond to treatment is very limited. It has not been a well treated condition in the past. However, new treatments are helping.
  • Treatment for ice pick scars is usually dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. For deep scars, punch grafting may be required. Dermabrasion involves a local anasthetic. A brush at high speed removes the surface of the skin. It can make ice pick scars worse if the width of the scar is wider underneath the skin.
  • The way you feel about scars. Do acne scars psychologically or emotionally affect your life? Are you willing to "live with your scars" and wait for them to fade over time? These are personal decisions only you can make.
  • The severity of your scars. Is scarring substantially disfiguring, even by objective assessment?
  • A dermatologist's expert opinion as to whether scar treatment is justified in your particular case, and what scar treatment will be most effective for you.

Post acne scars

Treatment of scars left by an acne condition also comes in the domain of professional treatments. The treatment of scarring, if it is extensive, involves much time and patience, that is why appropriate preventive care is so important. Scars have been treated by an clinical pealing procedure called vegetable pealing. The treatment is geared towards improving the contour and the texture of the skin, in order to minimize scarring.

Many beauty treatments can be carried out at home. But acne is one condition where professional care is required. there is no reason why an acne condition should be allow to persist. It is true, with time, your acne will disappear, but it may be too late as far as the beauty of your skin is concerned.

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