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Acne and Woman

The acne may have deep psychosocial effects in women with brown skin. Women in their thirties and forties suffer from acne. This type of skin contains the face hyperpigmentation. Many women skill skin problems at midlife containing acne breakouts. There are various factors add to the development of acne in women with brown skin, heredity and stress-related hormones. The women are causes acne due to the irregular menstrual cycles, pregnancy, obesity, infertility and diabetes. These factors lead to plugged pores with oil and bacteria. The pregnant women and women undergoing menopause and post-menopause may experience hormonal acne.

The premenstrual adult acne may be caused by over-stimulated androgens in the women. In women of African fall of hair oils may contributed to acne. The androgen hormones create male characters in women such as a expanding of the voice, an increased libido which causes an large and abnormal growth of hair. Harmone levels can be forced by stress and diet as well as hormonal imbalance. Women should be conscious that make-up may clog pores, which can lead to acne. The physical and emotional aspects of acne can be devastating. There are various treatments are available for the women's acne in which these treatment can manage acne in the proper way.

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