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Aloe vera for Dry hair

Q: Can the goodness of Aloe Vera be used for the hair, too? How does one use this plant to add moisture to dry hair?

A: Pluck off a leaf from aloe plant; take the hard green covering off with a knife. The jelly like substance that you get should be mixed with 2 tsp Vaseline and applied to hair for moisturizing effect.

Why I have Dry Hair?

Human hair has a typical shine and sheen which is present because of the moisture contents in the hair. This moisture prevents this natural sheen from fading away and let the hair become dull. The hair which are deficient in this natural occurrence of moisture are simply known as dry hair.

The reasons for dry hair are attributed to certain life style and environment related causes. The excessive intake of alcohol, excessive blow drying of hair, washing hair frequently, etc, all can lead to dry hair.

How to cure Dry Hair?

The Dry Hair can be cured by taking simple steps at home. These simple steps could be as follows:

  1. Do not use shampoo every other day. Use it only once a week or maximum twice a week.
  2. You should think about adding good conditioners to yor hair care routine. This can help the hair grow smoother and soft.
  3. All the style freaks should take care of hair while blowing them dry or styling them. The usage of harsh condition of blow drying can cause dryness, hence if you give up bllow drying or styling, it can prevent dry hair.
  4. Last but not the least, try aloe vera for dry hair.

Aloe Vera Benefits

Aloe Vera is a naturally occuring stemless succulent plat which contains leaves that are thick and juicy. These leaves are green in color and contains a gel like substance when broken into half. The medicinal usage and other cosmetic usage of aloe vera is not proved scientifically although the medicine industry claim about its soothing, moisturizing, and healing properties. There are lot many aloe vera based products available in the market which claim to reduce pain, act as an anti irritant, act like moisturiser.

Want to rid away those nasty scars left by receding pimples? Aloe vera can do it for you!

- It can treat digestive disorders: Aloe Vera can relax the digestive troubles like constipation etc.

- It can detoxigy you: Aloe vera juice is the magic detoxifier. It can clear the digestive and circulatory track from its impurities.

- Anti-ageing and anti-wrinkle

- It can heal wounds

- Can help sush out the pimples due to anti-bacterial properties

- Blemishes and scars can be cured by Aloe Vera

Can Aloe Vera be used for dry hair remedy?

For the dry hair, aloe vera in itself has never proven to be useful, in research labs. But the cosmetic companies claim about the dry hair therapeutic usage of aloe vera and widely use it in makeup, tissues, moisturizers, soaps, sunscreens, incense, shaving cream, and shampoos.

When Aloe Vera is mixed with Moisturizer or vaseline, it can create some good effect on dry hair and make them shiny. Just like what a conditioner do. Try the hair home remedy using aloe vera on your own and then post your experiences here.

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