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Coconut for long dark hair

Q: I am wonderstruck when I see the long and dark hair of my friend who is a keralite. She tells me that coconut is the best thing to use. How does one use it?

A: Coconut in its natural form is a very good element for the hair. For long and healthy hair you could wash it with tender coconut water. You can even apply the coconut oil on your hair a night before you wash your hair.

Coconut - the 1000 use tree

Well I do not think, I need to tell people about coconut here. In some regions of the world, it is as important as water. At some places of the world, it is used for worshiping. Coconut tree is often called as tree with 1000 uses, a tree which has all the parts useful for some or other thing.

Coconuts, because of the way they mature and grow, are useful in many areas. When immature they contain high quantity of water and known as tender-nuts. When they mature there is still some water inside the shell. It can be used as seednut for nutritious diet constituent. It can also be processes to give oil from the kernel. The hard shell can create charcoal and the coir can be made from fibrous husk.

The coconut palm tree is grown along all the tropics for decoration, culinary and other uses. Coconut water has lot of naturally occuring sugar, dietary fiber, proteins, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. It also helps in maintaining the isotonic electrolyte balance.

Long Hair Choice and Selection

Long Hair is a type of hairstyle or a way of natural selection of appearance. Exactly what makes the long hair can vary from culture to culture, or even within cultures. Scientists view long hair as a natural selection among many species. The reason is simple; the long, thick and healthy hair is a sign of fertility and healthy youth.

Get that long hair look by using coconut

Coconut can help you reach the length which is maximum possible for your hair type faster. The oil application will help your hair grow naturally and can also help you condition your hair naturally. Even a was with the tender water of coconut can create wonders in this.

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