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What are the most common scalp problems?

Q: What are the most common scalp problems?

A: The three most common problems are: dandruff, dry scalp and oily scalp. Dandruff, the most common problem is caused because of a greasy scalp, which sheds its skin cells in quick succession.
The dry scalp is caused by the environmental factors and chemical treatments used for styling the hair. The main reason for the dryness being the depletion of moisture level.

Oily scalp is caused by the over production of the sebum, by the oil glands in the scalp. This could also be due to the in adequate rising out of the hair.

Human body on an average has over 5 million hairs. These hair grows everywhere on your body except the lips, palms and the feet soles. They generally grow at a rate of about half inch in a period of 6 months. The life of a hair is about 6 years after which it falls and new hair comes at their place. The role of hair is to keep you warm and protected. It can protect your eyes, ears and nose from the tiny particles in the air.

The common hair problems includes dandruff, dry scalp and oily scalp. Below are some details on the Common Hair Problems:


Dandruff, as we all know, is a common scalp condition which is chronic in nature and is generally marked by dry itchy scalp. It can even sometimes shed flakes of the skin. Remember, at the end, don't surrender to dandruff since it is treatable and can be controlled easily.

Some remedies for Dandruff Treatment

- Manage your daily stress and your reactions towards it.

- Use shampoo to wash away the nasty dandruff.

- DO not depend on hair styling products such as hair sprays, gels, mousses, etc.

- Healthy eating can always help keep a healthy body and mind, both.

- Don't just always stay inside. Step out in the sun and get some sunlight.

Dry Itchy Scalp

Dry scalp also known as itchy scalp generally affects regions on the body which has high sebaceous glands such as eyebrows, groin area, etc. The reasons of the dry itchy scalp is the daily feeding habits, personal cleaning habits and other associated environmental factors.

1. A blend of coconut oil and lime juice can cure dry scalp.

2. Vinegar cleanse your skin from harsh ingredients.

3. Olive oil is a good moisturizer which can be applied by massage thoroughly using finger tips on body, and hair

4. Honey along with banana can form a astonishing hair moisture mask.

Oily Scalp

The oily scalp as the name suggests is the scalp which has the skin oil oozing out from the scalp pores. The oily scalp can be caused heredity, or hormones, dietary irregularities, environmental factors etc. How can you keep it clean is the matter of hygiene.

If you have a scalp which is very oily, always keep it clean. follow these tips for treating your oily scalp.

- Mix the mouthwash and an astringent agent. Take a cotton roll and apply this mixture to your scalp before shampooing.

- Chck your anti dandruff shampoo. If it is not giving you proper results, switch shampoos Remember not to shampoo daily since it can reduce the healthy oil production.

- Don't use the conditioner. If you still have to use the conditioner, then condition only the hair ends, not the full hair length.

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