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How to cover up facial flaws by clever use of the foundation?

Q: The tips about camouflaging the shape of the face by clever use of the foundation were indeed very interesting. Are there any other tricks one can use to cover up facial flaws?

A: There are many such tricks that can be used for the deception. You can cover up almost all defects if you use the foundation in the right manner. Here are some tips for the right use of foundation.
1. To make a look nose longer, darken the sides with a vertical line.
2. To shorten a nose, use a darker touch on the tips.
3. To hide a double chin, darker foundation should be used on the neck, starting from the lobes of the ears and along the jaw line.
4. To conceal bags under the eyes, a light shade should be used on the lower eyelid, or a dab of oil can also be used.
5. To widen the distance between the eyebrows, use a light shade between the eyes. This requires great skill of hand and you must be careful that the darker shades blend well with the lighter ones without leaving any line of demarcation. Practice on the face before you step out with the makeover.

What are the facial flaws?

Alright, you wake up in the morning. You go to the bathroom and start brushing your teeths. Suddenly you look at your face directly in the mirror and notice those tiny pimple, dark spots, some more lines around eyes. Can you think of something which you can do apart from covering your facial flaws?

How to tackle Facial Flaw: Dry Patches

Do you get the skin dry in winters, when the air contains less moisture, which feels tighter all around? How to tackle is to apply a good quality, richer, moisturizer. Always take care while purchasing the moisturizer. Look for hyaluronic acids and glycerines which has the tendency to bring moisture. Also check for ceramides which helps lock the moisture inside the skin.

Care should be taken if you see the symptoms of dryness only in some areas. It could be warning sign of skin condition known as seborrheic dermatitis. Hydrocortisone cream helps you cordone off the dry patches. In severe cases, consult your doctor. Sometimes, if you put a humidifier in your room, it will help keep your skin moist and good looking.

Facial Flaw - Age Spots

Sun exposure can cause your skin to carry the tiny dark spots. A daily sunscreen regime is a must through out the sunny days along with retinol. If the dark spots you have are not easily going, then consult an expert dermatologist who might prescribe you the hydroquinone based skin cream.

Flaw - Blemishes

Well, the after effects of the pimples is what blemishes are. Use a soap that has salicylic or lactic acid. Do not forget the moisturizer since it keeps your skin hydrated and good looking.

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