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How to lighten the colour of my dark lips?

Q: I have very dark lips although I have never smoked. How can I lighten the colour of my lips?

A: To lighten the colour of dark lips, apply a mixture of honey and lime juice over the lips for a few days.

  1. For soft lips, apply a mixture of glycerine, lime juice and rose water mixed in equal quantities.
  2. Smear fresh cream over discoloured lips and leave it on to dry. Use regularly at least month to bring back a healthy colour to the lips. 
  3. For dull and dark lips, apply the juice of coriander leaves, before going to bed, for 15 days. 

Dark lips is a problem which is faced by many people and this makes them feel uncomfortable. They continuously strive for things which can make their lips look lighter. The steps of making lips look lighter can be as simple as rubbing them with home made milk cream to stopping intake of tea and coffee.

How do you get rid of Dark Lips?

Allergic reactions of lipsticks and other lip gloss can turn your lips darker or ban even cause painful blemishes. If you are one of those, then do not use the lipsticks or rather anything on the lips. Try something which has natural substances or ingredients. Choose the colors which are sheer or transparent.

The lips have a natural color and then there are lips which acquire a color not meant for them. If you are taking proper care, the lips will get back to their natural color soon. Apply the following set of preventive measures which can help you soften and lighten the dark tone of your lips.

Are you a Smoker - dark lips and gum/teeth troubles can be among the list of problems you may face. Nicotine and the smoke contents can char the skin around the lips as well and very well convert it to a 2-3 shades darker than your natural lip skin color. So, if the cancer and associate heart diseases of smoking are not enough to convince you to quit smoking, why not think about the complexion based reasons of quiting smoking.

Quick 10 home tips on fading the dark color lips

  1. Cut down on your tea and coffee. Rely on drinking water or take just 1-2 cups of these refereshing tea and coffee.
  2. Sun ray are also one of the many reasons of dark colored lips. Try to use a sunscreen based lip balm which has a sun protection effect.
  3. Drink more water. Take 2-3 liters of water daily which will keep you and your lips full of moisture and hydration.
  4. Take a wet baby toothbrush and remove the dead skin cells from the lips. After that moisturize your lips by applying vaselin or other petroleum jelly
  5. Prepare and apply a tasty lip mask by mixing sugar and honey.
  6. Go for a lime and honey treatment. Mix the juice of lime, hney and glycerine. APply it on the lips.
  7. Rub almond milk or almond oil on your lips and leave it for 1 hour.
  8. Use beetroot, pomegranate to lighten your dark lips.
  9. Moisturizing lips can help lighten them. Apply shea butter, or lip balm at night
  10. Use the lemon juice. Lemon juice has skin lightening abilities. You can apply it alone or by making a thick paste of juice, yogurt. Use it as a scrub.

Final word of caution for dark lips

Sometimes, the homeremedies does not work and you are not satisfied with the results. In this case, it is always better to take an appointment with dermatologist. They can prescribe a cream which can help you lighten your lips.

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