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Can I camouflage facial defects with a foundation?

Q: Can I camouflage facial defects with a foundation? I have a very broad nose. How can I make it look narrower?

A: You can camouflage the short comings on your facial features by using the foundation clearly. A nose that is too wide can be made to look narrower by using a light colour foundation down the centre of the nose in the straight line.

The darker colour foundation is applied on the sides of the nose. Take care to blend it well.

What are Face Defects / Deformities?

Face Defects also known as facial deformities are the abnormal growth of skull and facial structure comprosing of bones. These defects are many a times congenital i.e. present from birth and they surely can be rectified by constructive surgery. These defects can be "Craniofacial Deformities" which affects skull, "Maxillofacial Deformities" which affects upper jaw and "Dentofacial Deformities" which affects the teeths.

- Cleft Lip
- Cleft Palate
- Facial Cleft
- Craniosynostosis
- Brachycephaly
- Trigonocephaly
- Scaphocephaly
- Facial Palsy
- Chin Deformity
- Upper Jaw (Maxillary) Deformity
- Lower Jaw (Mandibular) Deformity
- Deformational Plagiocephaly
- Vascular Malformations
- Hemangiomas
- Hemifacial Microsomia
- Microtia

Latest news on the Facial Defects front

The renowed developmental biologists at the Tufts University in the US, recently have identified a self-correcting mechanism using which the organisms who are in developing phase of life can identify and repair the bone and facial defects in the head and face regions. The university paper said that this is the first time such a thing is happening for the face region. This corrective process is then analyzed rigorously through different mathematical techniques of suggestive modeling. This helped the scientists to understand the precise dynamics of the recovery process.

How to Get Flawless Foundation?

Are you in search of the right foundation? Better to know what is right foundation first. THis is the foundation which can blend in your skin texture and color and even out the skin tone. It can give you a flawless skin appearance.

It is also very easy to mistake and end up looking like a "Joker"

Choosing the right color or blend is the first and foremst step. Take professional or beauty expert help for doing this. Next is to prepare you skin for the application of foundation. This step involves applying primer or a moisturizer base. This helps the foundation to spread effectively and blend better.

How to do foundation like a pro/professional?

take these tips from the experts who are the best of the best in the field of beauty and cosmetics. These experts are the ones who prepare the best of hollywood for that perfect closeup shot. What these experts suggest is that you should not apply foundation at each and every part of your face. You should go for spot based fixes. Just concentrate on areas which needs coverage like below eyes, on the nose and chin.

It is recommended to use the sponge if you want to take the best of the look of foundation. Also remember that if you are using a sponge, ensure that you wash it very well after every use. It is recommended to use the "Wonderpro" sponges which are cheap cost effective as well.

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