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What to wear on a first date?

Q: What to wear on a first date?

A: The first date is an important one and on the first date the girl wants to look best. If you are keen on the guy who has asked you for a date, then it becomes very important to look best and for this the clothes you wear play an important part. You should present your best personality in front of the guy so that he has to be impressed.

How to choose the dress of in you look best?

When you start selecting the dress you have to wear for your first date, you have to ask where you would be going for your first date.  The place you would be going plays an important part in the style of dress. You should be surprised on your first date. It can make things go wrong. For a formal date you should try to make it simple with a nice jacket with a pair of trousers or skirt will suit very well. For a picnic or park date make it informal with jeans, T-shirt or a frock. You should choose a dress which shows off your figure. You should also look for a dress that complements your figure.

Avoid dressing like a tramp a sit will give him wrong impression. Don't wear too short dress or a dress that exposes too much of your skin as it will give wrong impression Wear those colors that suits you and compliments your complexion, it should be very loud or garish as it puts off guys. You must always wear a color that brings out the best of you.

What should you wear?

When you choose dress you should try to select one that is not too modern or too flashy. A dress that shows off your figure without it being too showy is best for your first date. You should always try giving your best and being normal as it will impress the guy who is dating you.

Purpose of First Date

  • Recreation - to have fun together
  • Socialization - to know each other better
  • Status check - Raise your statue by taking a affluent or beautiful partner
  • Companionship - taking up a close friend to share things
  • Mate selection
  • Intimacy - Create a meaningful relationship

What is the importance of First Date?

Oh Sit, she said yes, and we have setup our first meet. But, what to expect and what is expected from me on the first date? Should I go for a extravagent meet with lots of gifts or flowers or should I wait for some of the next meeting for this extravagenza?

First dates are generally source of tension and stress for many people. Only some bit of planning can make you feel better. What you can do is to just get a good date destination ready and then your personality and behaviour will do the magic.

Tips to follow for your first date

  1. Don't try too hard on a first date.
  2. Don't go for big bunch of flowers and gifts or make bookings in a fancy restaurant.
  3. Decide on something which is simple and which can keep interaction casual and friendly.
  4. For a good first date choose a destination where you get chance to talk and have a good conversation.
  5. Combine this location selected with a fun activity like pick a nice quiet location where your personalities can shine and compliment each others throughout.
  6. Any place or anything that involves light walks is a good idea, so consider a trip to the park or amusement park.
  7. The best way to start on a conversation with a man/woman is to ask them talk about themselves. Ask him/her a lot of open ended questions that allow him/her to tell about themselves.
  8. Always be polite in your talks and words. Remember, there is no justified excuse for rude behavior.

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