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How to make rough hands softer?

Q: I have very rough hands. How can I make them soft?

A: Soak rough and scaly hands in a bowl of a warm water to which 1 teaspoon cornstarch has been added. This regular 5 minutes treatment will soften hands.

Apply some petroleum jelly on your nail if you are about to do a messy job. It will prevent the dirt from getting lodged.

Another good method of improving circulation while exfoliating the hands is to rub them with sugar and lime juice. The sugar granules will exfoliate while the lime juice will lighten the skin and soften it, too.

How to get silk smooth hands?

Do you know that most of the people ignore their hands and just concentrate on the feet. What you can do to give them due importance is to treat them just like your face. Start with putting up a soft peeling once a week. You can peel your hands in order to make them soft and gentle in appearance and touch both.

Another quick to result way is to apply a good/favourite moisturizer on your hands just before going to bed. Apply it in a thick layer so that it is not clear but visible. Vaseline can also work. Also remember to wear a cotton glove or cover your hands so that the moisture is retained in the hands and make them silk smooth in the morning when you wake up.

Few tips for getting smoother hands

For a smoother hand, do not use the daily bar soap which is most of the times vegetable oil or animal fat based. It dries out the skin of your hands and they are deficient in the moisture contents. What you can do instead is to use a moisturizer based soap which will keep your hands smoother and softer.

Do not use the hot water to do the regular hand washing. Hot water can make your skin go dry sooner. Warm water on the other hand, can make the skin look brighter and softer since it raises the circulation of blood in the hands and nearby areas thereby allowing the misture to soak inside.

Always keep a small bottle of moisturizer handy with you. Use this cream to moisturize your hands if they feel rough or dry to touch

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