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What are the ground rules of selecting a foundation?

Q: What are the ground rules of selecting a foundation?

A: Foundation gives a smooth texture to the skin and gives the effect of an evenly toned complexion. 

A foundation should look natural and not mask like. The colour of the foundation should be nearest to the skin colour.  Sometimes two tints may be blended to lighten or shade an area.

Never select your foundation by applying it onto the back of the hand because the skin here is always of a different colour than that of your face. The best way to test it is to apply it on the side of your cheek, just above the jawbone.

To apply the foundation, dot it over the face and neck and blend with the help of your fingertips. Make use of damp sponge for blending the ensure that there are no patches.

How do you pick the best Foundation?

If you wish t pick up the best of the best foundation, you need to remember that thsi task is the most daunting one. You should always test the product before buying one for you. Always go to the departmental store to buy the foundation instead of buying it from the grocery shop or the local pharmacist.

Steps to buy the best of the Foundation

  1. Watch out for the one which is best suiting for the skin type you have. There ate different foundation formula available for oily skin, or dry skin, etc.
  2. Think about the kind of coverage you need to have from your foundation. Whether it is light or medium, decide about the same.
  3. Choose the colors which are close to your natural skin.
  4. Try some yellow-based foundations. If you're blonde or very fair go for the pink based foundations.
  5. Choose the one that disappears on your face. This is right shade for your skin.

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