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Short Hairstyle for Blond Hair

Q: Thin blonde and short hair are giving me hard times. I just want to get a short haircut that will enhance my thin hair appearance?

A: Short hair is one of the best adorned haircut for anyone since it is hassle free and allows you to experiment with your face and makeup really well. The only challenge it has is that there are very few styles which can be imitated.

Celebrities choose short hair styles is trending

Who are the people who keep walking with the fashion trends? You guessed it right. They are the celebrities which keep inline with the fashion fiesta. There are lot of well known figures who have taken up the Short Hairdo for this season. 20-30 years before, many women dreamt of having the longest of the hair. But can you guys see the change in the trend, with more and more women opting for the short haircut.

Time to say, we now live in new age! Short hair styles 2012 are very fashionable, there are many celebrities deciding to cut their long haircut and select the new one from the short hairstyles collection. To name a few of them:

  1. Halle Berry
  2. Emma Watson
  3. Victoria Beckham

You can easily see that short hair styles has become really really popular. So why not search for the best of the short haircut and adorn them on the crown.

Why short hair is in Fashion?

Short hairstyles brings us all new trends in fashion, clothes, etc and hair styles are no exception. This year haircuts are pretty much playful and funky so they make person who have it more positive and happy.

Are you really ready for all the summer parties in the town, the best in class funky places to celebrate the trend of being small and fun loving, hassfree and all out? Whether you are in elegant evening receptions or wild house dorky parties, the collection of short hairstyles is just unlimited.

Top short Hairstyles for 2012

If you are looking for the best of the 2012 short ones for your cape, here are the best ones for you:

  1. Pixie haircut
  2. A short bob haircut
  3. One cut asymmetrically
  4. Buzz haircut

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