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Any Sugestion for tiny dots on my nose?

Q: I have tiny dots on my nose. When I squeeze them, a scale like substance comes out of them. Could they be whiteheads?

A: The spots mentioned by you are definitely, whiteheads. These are quite common in teenagers. You must try to keep your skin totally clean. Avoid using any oily products on the face. Cleanse the face with a face wash and avoid using soap. Apply on astringent lotion to give it a toning. Also remember not to use any rich nourishing cream or oily moisturizer on the face. You will benefit from weekly face pack and a through scrub.

What are Whiteheads?

According to different manuals on skin health and skin conditions, here are different definitions and explanations of whitehead?

Whiteheads are pimples which contain pus sometime whitish in color, hence the name whitehead. These are formed by excess oil secreted from the sebaceous glands and it clogs up the pores or hair follicles exactly like acne. This sebum secreted gets trapped along with debris and bacteria. These bacteria thrive on the extra secretion of sebaceous glands and dead skin cells. This leads to the formation of a whitehead. They look like tiny white spots on the skin specially the facial skin. Whiteheads, if are allowed to be open sufficiently for the outside air, they would become blackheads.

They are very hard to get rid of and the best way is to go to a dermatologist and get them extracted. For the oily skin, they are like the worst of the enemies, which does not go without hard work. These are common in the cheeks and around the eyes. Sometimes, the excess use of heavy cosmetics, lotions, and creams may form a layer above skin which can block the skin pores, giving your face, whiteheads.

What are the ways to treat whiteheads?

  1. Make sure to use only the water-based makeup and not oil-based. Remember to remove it at bedtime. But, avoid the makeup as far as possible.
  2. Wash your hair to keep the hair dangle over the face and make them oily.
  3. Lead a healthy lifestyle and maintain a strong immune system
  4. Eat regular full diet or meals which includes fresh fruit and vegetables. Concentrate on your health regime and diet and try to include eggs and organic meats in yur daily breakfast.
  5. Stay away from sodas, artificial sweeteners, sugars, etc.
  6. Flush yourself and inner body by drinking 8 glasses of water daily.
  7. A glass of water with a lemon will help you detoxify.
  8. Quit smoking if you do so.

Home care tips for whiteheads

Do not use scented soap or cleansers. Use cleansers which has salicylic acid or alpha hydroxyl acid. Try not to wash your face more than twice daily Replenish the moisture after cleansing and exfoliating your face. This is important to maintain the natural moisture of your skin.

How to remove the whiteheads?

Exfoliate the whitehead affected area about 2-3 times a week. You can use a good natural scrub for this. A word of caution to make you look for the best look even you are affected with whiteheads. Remember this is your temporary phase, which will go away with age. You should never pierce or remove a whitehead forcibly. This can damage the skin tissue and spread infection, along with leaving a scar forever.

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