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Anastasia Eyebrow - anastasia eyebrow kit

The eyebrow functioning is to prevent the particulate matter and debris from going inside the eyes. It also is one of the most prominent beauty part on the face which can give you good or ugly looks. It is a bony ridge above the eye, found in humans and other primates. In humans, it bears a tuft of facial hair. The function of the eyebrows is to prevent debris such as dandruff and other small objects from falling into the eyes, as well as providing sense of something near the eye, such as an insect and prevent water or sweat from dripping into theeye.

Some people, especially women in some cultures, go through the time consuming processof plucking their eyebrows with tweezers to shape them; others remove excess eyebrowhair through hot wax or other techniques, some simply rip the hair out with their fingers.One form of body piercing that is relatively rare pierces the eyebrow;this can create the risk of an infection.

Step by step tips on Anastasia beautiful eyebrows

  1. Start with prepare your skin - Pre-Tweeze Gel, lightweight gel formulated with aloe vera, chamomile and peppermint oil calms and cools your skin as it prepares the brows for tweezing.
  2. Give your eyebrows the shape you desire - Arch and shape your eyebrows by using one of the classic Stencils and filling with a Brow Pencil.
  3. Next step is to tweeze and trim your brow hairs if they are thick - Tweeze hairs that are outside the stenciled area with a Tweezer.
  4. Now clip the excess hairs outside the stencil with a scissor.
  5. Time to soothe your skin - Apply tweeze Cream to calm and soothe any redness or irritated areas.
  6. Highlight your eyebrows with a eyelights Shimmer or eyelights Matte pencil. Gently smooth and blend into the brow line to create a highlight that opens up the eye.
  7. Last but not the least inorder to hold the shape apply the Anastasia Brow Gel to condition and hold shape of eyebrows.

Tips for best Eyebrows from Anastasia:

Eyebrows must vary with each individual in shape, size, length, and color. A persons face shape, cheekbones, and nose all effect the outcome of their brow shape. What I always try to achieve is a very well groomed natural arch that will enhance all of your features and soften your look.

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