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Applying Concealer - How to apply concealers?

Many people are worried about those blemishes and scars they have on their faces which make them stay home when everyone else is partying. Concealers are the best solution for those ugly looking skin blemishes and patches. They are meant to hide anything they are onto. :)

Why to apply concealers?

A concealer is used to cover up blemishes, like dark Spots Or patches. It helps to produce an even colour tone. Concealer sticks are popular as they are easy to apply. If you wish to cover up pits In the skin, you can use a fine brush to apply the concealer into the pits.

Concealers are meant to conceal - not to draw attention to themselves, or the area they're meant to hide. The best way to ensure that they do just that is to choose a color that's a half-shade lighter than your skin's natural tone.

How to apply concealers

  • First, chose the shade of your concealer carefully: For pale skin, use a light beige with yellow undertones. For olive skin, use a medium beige with pink undertones. And for darker skin, use a medium to medium-dark shade with peach undertones.
  • Gently patting as you go, apply moisturizing eye cream about one inch below the eye.
  • Next, lightly place a small bit of concealer directly over the area. You can use a small, square, flat concealer brush or you can dot it on with your finger.
  • Blend with a soft touch, adding a hint more moisturizer if necessary for a more translucent finish.

Tips on applying concealers

  • Always start with less than you think you need. You can add more if needed, but the idea is to use as little as possible.
  • Concealer helps cover up acne.  Use a yellow-based concealer to help hide the redness associated with acne.
  • Apply concealer sparingly. Too thick might conceal better, but it will also be too noticeable.
  • If the color is right, you shouldn't need to pack it on, which is probably what's creating the crepey look you are experiencing.
  • Be especially careful when applying concealer in the lip area, however, as it can interfere with lip color.
  • Test concealer on your face just as you would foundation.  Skin tone on your hand or wrist may be different than on your face.

The secret behind the best way of applying concealer is nothing but to find the proper best fit shade and then blend it to your skin. Concealer looks most beautiful when you work in layers

Using the Concealer Under Eye

A neutral shade is the one for under the eye concealer. It can wade away the brown tones of bruising, under eye circles and other concealing challenges. Typically the concealer should cover entire under-eye along with outside of eye.

When to use darker concealer

Darker the circle is around the eyes, darker the concealer you should select. First test the color of the concealer over the foundation that you apply. If you explore that the effect is invisible then it means you have chosen the correct shade.

Is there a Concealer for Sensitive Skin

If your skin is highly sensitive then you should choose a concealer that contains only pure mineral pigment color and no dyes, oils, talc or starch.

Variety is what you need for Concealer

  • Liquid concealer - It comes in tube, so just squeeze on fingertip and apply
  • Cream concealer - They come in tube, with a applicator which can give best natural look.

Use Concealer for eye bags

Bags are tough to hide. Use a brush applicator once you have used the foundation. Apply a light concealer shade into the dip under the bag. Remember that the heavy tone concealer will worsen your eye bags.

You have to use a color corrector. Apply your foundation and then use dried concealer over the foundation. After this, apply a little bit of foundation as before.

How to choose concealer by skin Texture.

For dry skin, select a moisturizer based concealer which provides more coverage and comfort. Matte based concealers make the skin more tight and appear which is quite aweful sometimes. But if you have oily skin, go the matte way to prevent the concealer going off skin.

For smooth and relaxed expression lines, lighten and brighten complexion, etc, opt for a skin-perfecting formulation.

Lip Concealers

Apply lip concealer for the best of your lips. Just swipe it on as if you’re applying chapped lips cream. Just wear it alone or with a shade over it. Let it dry first or it will create weird textures.

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