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Know bath basics, and all your bathing needs

Whatever be the season, at least in the tropical countries where the climate is not proper for skin, proper bath has its own significance. With lot of pollution with grime and dirt now polluting the atmosphere bath becomes not only a body cleaning operation but a necessary exercise for the body as well.

In summers you must bath at least twice every day. Use a good glycerin based soap and taking only little of its latter rub your body vigorously. If your pocket can afford drop a few drops of sandal oil or eu-de-cologne before you take your bath. Always remember that in bath more important is vigorously rubbing your body than using a lot of soap. Shampoo your hair two to three times a week and use deep cleansing milk after bath.

In winters having bath with lukewarm water is preferable because cold water won't be able to remove the dried layers of filth. Also, during winters, massage with olive or mustard oil at least twice a weak is advisable. During this season use that soap which has a creamy base.

In rainy seasons it is always advisable to have bath with a medicated soap in order to take care of the little boils etc. that are prone to appear on the skin during this period.

Lots of tips to get a perfect bath

  • A few inches of fresh ginger will warm the body and soothe joints. Slice, simmer in boiling water for a good half hour. Strain and add to warm bath water.
  • Never share bathing accessories like poufs, sponges or loofahs. This is unhealthy.
  • Do exercise in a warm bathtub. Experts say there is definite additional benefit from exercise done under warm water.
  • Soothe irritated skin by adding a cup of cider vinegar to the running water.
  • Ad a cupful of oatmeal or bran to cleanse, whiten and soothe your skin.
  • For super soft skin fast, you should massage your body with oil first before getting into the bath or shower.
  • Body brushes are also useful. The best way to use them is on dry skin before you get in the bath or shower, as this is particularly good for loosening dead skin cells. You can also use them in the water, lathering them up with soap or gel.
  • Replace your bathroom every once, in two months.
  • Add free samples of perfume to a bath. It won't cost you anything and will smell wonderfully.
  • If you pat yourself dry aftera bath, it will help you unwind, whereas briskly rubbing your skin with a towel will help to invigorate you.
  • Add a few drops of essential oils to the floor of the shower itself. As they evaporate you will find that you are surrounded by a sensuous smelling mist while you wash your body.

Wake up your looks with bathing

Tossing and turning all night can show on your face the next morning. But you can look rested even when you are not. Try these quick-picker-uppers to wake up your looks.
Shower 'up': Take a shower with an energising body scrub and a nylon loofah. Let the spray message tension away. Switch to cool water for the final rinse.
Wear an energising fragrance: Try scents with hints of Lemon, jasmine, bergamot, lilly of the valley, basil, hyacinth and geranium.

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