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Beau's lines - Beau Line cause, cure, treatment, remedy

Beau's lines or the transverse lines as they are called, appear as solitary depressions which grow out slowly over many months and years. They arise because of a severe illness or shock which causes a temporary arrest in nail growth. Transverse lines or furrows on the nail plate due to disturbed nail growth caused by a systemic or local disease.

By measuring its distance from the root of the nail and calculated in terms of monthly nail growth, the date of the causative illness can be acertained. Unusual cases of Beau's Lines are associated with transverse grooves on the nails of one extremity and unilateral lines presented after a metaphysical fracture of the distal radius and wrist immobilization.

Treatment and prevention of Beau's lines

There is no specific treatment for this condition, but basically routines to obtain relief are necessary to attend to the causes according to the medical prescription in each case. Avoid products containing formaldehyde, sulfonamide or toluene that irritate the skin or cause redness.

How to get rid of Beau's lines

If nail abnormalities are associated with other symptoms, unexplained or persist, visit your physician. Preventive meassures like - washing and thoroughly drying your nail really helps and for brittle nails, keep the nails short and avoid nail polish. You can also apply a moisturizer on nails each time when you wash your hands or feet.

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