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Beauty is always being considered as something which has lots of laiden secrets using which women make themselves look gorgeous. But the secrets are no more secrets and everyone can become and make their looks gorgeous by following some routine beauty tips. These tips are free from our side and the only rule is that there is no rule.

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  1. Include plenty of raw food in your daily diet, like fruits, salad and sprouts.
  2. Drink plenty of water to keep your system well flushed of toxins and wastes.
  3. Daily exercise helps to improve blood circulation to the skin and facilitates the elimination of wastes.
  4. Adequate sleep is a must for good skin. The process of repair and renewal is enhanced during sleep.
  5. Take time to relax. Stress can trigger off many skin problems.
  6. Avoid smoking and alcohol. They deplete the body of the essential nutrients and they are the skin agers.
  7. Protect your skin with moisturiser and sunscreen when you are out of doors, to counteract the damage caused by the suns' ultravoilet radiation and chemical pollutants,
  8. Keep your skin well moisturised during the cold, dry season.
  9. Never neglect night-time cleansing of the skin, to remove the grime, make-up and pollution that has collected during the day.
  10. Seek professional guidance and treatment for problems like acne in good time.

Essential Oils for your skin beauty

Champa: Cooling, soothes and softens the skin.

Geranium: Helps formation of scar tissues, lymphatic tonic, balances sebum and tissue regenerator.

Jasmine and mogra: Helps formation of scar tissues and alleviates imflammation. Used for oily and scarred skin.

Lavender: Balances sebum, soothing and healing, helps formation of scar tissues and encourages growth of skin cells.

Rosewood: Cell stimulant and tissue regenerator.

Sandalwood: Helps formation of scar tissues and reduces imflammation.

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