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Makeup Fashion - How to do 70's Makeup

It's quite a tricky task to prepare the match of your 70’s makeup with your Flower Power dress also originating from 1970's. Makeup trends of the 1970s emphasized a healthy, natural face with lots of mascara.

Have you ever seen the pictures of beauty icons of the 70's, such as Farrah Fawcett and Rachel Welch? They all tell us on how the women of 1970's aspired to become like. The makeup of the 1970s was simple to achieve and it can easily blend into the lifestyle we are leading today. easily to today's styles. The arrival of 70s was attributed as a conquering phase in the fashion industry over the exhibitory type of fashions statements. 1970's fashion concentrated more on natural looks which brought a breeze of fresh air into the arena of fashion and makeup.

70s Makeup Styles for Any Disco Party

Same as the preculiar methods of makeup and hairstyling, the disco makeup of 70s was equally zazzy. The reason behind specific '70s disco-era fashion came into being was dancing. Here is how to get this flashy look:

  1. Think bright and sparkly!
  2. Choose a bright pink or fuchsia for your lips and shade your cheeks with a pink hue.
  3. Try to find a silver or gold glitter liner, or a fun color, like purple.
  4. Apply chunky glitter over your lids.
  5. Accessorize with disco ball earrings.
  6. Dress codes took off at disco clubs in the '70s because of door screening policies
  7. Shoes were equally peculiar about the fashion statement and trends of the 70's, i.e. color and vigor.

70s Makeup Styles and Ideas for men and women

Heavy eye makeup became popular in the 70's, with fake eyelashes on the top and bottom lids and lots of coloured eyeshadow. Startup of Nike, also in 70's, made a strong fashion statement despite the athletic craze not being big. Running shoes became essential additions to women's and men's closets as more people began running.

What kind of makeup did people wear in the Seventies?‎

  • No foundation was being worn at all .
  • Ladies used plenty of moisturizer which gave their skin a natural shine of their skin tone.
  • Women ditched the fake eye lashes and continued with the pleasant appearance.
  • They no longer go for fake eye lashes
  • They did not paint their eyelids with black eye liner
  • They did not use black mascara.
  • The lips change was not so radical in the 70's.

How to Do Disco Makeup: Makeup Tips

Things have changed a lot since the 70's. It might sound odd to use a frosted blue shadow but it was very popular in the 70's. Here are some tips and Do's and Don'ts:

  1. Don't wear powder though because you want your skin to be shiny.
  2. Some women used to use moisturizers that had a little bit of glitter in it to add to the shine.
  3. Women no longer wore eye liner, just the glistening shadows that were light blue, pink, gold and silver.

60s-70s Evening Make-Up

The main point in the 70's makeup is that it demanded more brightness and bright colors. Makeup in the '70s was about getting attention, much like the clothes. There was trend of dark eyeliner and tanned skin. Bright colors are again the trend in the '70s disco era, Try blue eyeliners and eye shadows; the more they shine and stay apart, the more they belong to 1970's category. Lips acted on a lower tone so try pale pink or hot pink.

Seventies Makeup Fashion - How To Get The 70s Look?

  • Let Your Lips Shine and Shimmer - Keep it safe and simple by by applying soft and natural tones. Nude shades as well as pink and peach were the top choices of the 70s.
  • Sexy Luminous Skin - The earlier decades made no issue of skin care and its importance. The perspective of people has drastically changed. People now follow a well-defined beauty routine placing their complexion among the top interests
  • Glowing is best achieved with the help of tinted moisturizers and a transparent or illuminating powder.
  • Rosy Blush - Basic elements of 70s makeup trend. In order to bring out the best of your skin complexion apply a gel blush that will add a shimmer to your face.

Factors of '70s Makeup

Cosmetic items that were typically omitted during this era included:

  • Heavy Cakey Matte Foundations
  • Mascara
  • Artificial Eyelashes
  • Lip Liner

Modernized Makeup At Rachel Roy - New York Fashion Week Fall

There has been lot written by the media on the super 70's fashion trends and makeup trends. The super 70's made a comeback backstage at Rachel Roy. All credit goes to makeup legend Bobbi Brown.

She used a warm, flesh tone shadow on the lids. She then blended Eye Shadow in Flint in the crease. After that into the inner and outer corners of the eye. Brown used Creamy Eye Pencil in Jet to line the entire top entire eye.

The whole look was devoid of shimmer -- Brown opted to keep everything flat.

Need 70's makeup advice for Halloween costume

  1. Tans was big shot in the 70's so a cosmetic bronzer over the entire face is a nice touch. ]
  2. On the cheeks, they wore light pink blush.
  3. Women in this era favored light, glossy lipstick.
  4. During the second half of the decade, things changed again.
  5. If women were going to a disco club, they often chose more intense makeup
  6. The makeup kit contained dark blue or black eyeshadow, thick mascara, dark pink blush and a dark lipstick.

How to get a '70s inspired "Charlie's Angels" retro hairstyle

Only one hairstyle of 70's which makes us all remember the late Farrah Fawcett. It is characterised by feathery layers winged back Similarly the '70s hair from the movie Charlie's Angels is still a trending craze. This sexy hairstyle had celebrity imitations up to this day.

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