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Artecoll - Uses and Procedure of applying Artecoll

Artecoll is a wrinkle-filling substance that has been used in Europe for a number of years, but is currently awaiting approval by the FDA for use in the United States . Through breakthroughs in micro technology, Artecoll implants contain Collagen combined with microspheres (microscopic fillers that adhere to the Collagen).

Artecoll is used in plastic surgery science as a permanent soft tissue filler. It is seen as a cure to wrinkles and reduces the folds of skin which are associated with aging.

Composition of Artecoll

Artecoll is almost 75% collagen which is bovine collagen. The rest 25% is contributed by microscopic Plexiglas plastic beads which is made of polymethylmethacrylate also called microspheres. If we talk about collagen, it is the most abundant substances in all the mammals including humans. With the aging, the wrinkles and lines appear on human faces. This is due to the thinning of collagen.

US Counterpart of Artecoll - Artefill

Artefill is the one which is approved by the U.S. FDA, to be used in USA for wrinlke reduction treatment and filling lines for cosmetic reasons.

Before approval of Artifill, the US FDA tested it thoroughly at different medical centers. In this stydy it was found that Artecoll flared almost 100% better in tightening the loose skin than collagen. Reactions of both the products were similar.

Wrinkle Reducer - Artecoll

(Collagen is the trade name for animal-derived collagen especially treated to replace the biological collagen in your skin.) Artecoll's microspheres are made of a safe, synthetic material that, combined with Collagen, smoothes out your skin.

Here's how Artecoll is supposed to work

Your dermatologist takes a syringe with a tiny needle and places Artecoll into the wrinkle or furrow you want corrected. After injection, the doctor gently massages the Artecoll so it spreads and molds perfectly to fill the wrinkle, just like regular Collagen. Collagen implants alone do not last long, however. It is the microspheres in Artecoll that prevent wrinkles from reappearing.

As the implanted collagen substance disappears, the microspheres implanted with it gradually blend with the rest of your tissue, so the wrinkle stays filled. You can think of Artecoll as a Collagen-like material that has found a way to last a lot longer.

Is it a complicated procedure to apply Artecoll?

Artecoll takes minutes to place into a wrinkle. An outpatient procedure, it is only slightly uncomfortable. As simple to perform as Collagen injections, it is especially used for wrinkles around the mouth, other deep wrinkles, frown lines, and lip enhancement. No anesthesia is necessary.

What are the side effects of applying Artecoll?

Some side effects include temporary bruising and bleeding. A bumpiness to filled areas occasionally develops a few months following Artecoll implantation.

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