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Autologen - Uses and Procedure of applying Autologen

Autologen is a newer form of collagen injections. Unlike Collagen (derived from cows and trademarked) and Dermalogen (collagen derived from human tissue banks), Autologen comes from your own natural collagen.

Biological collagen is a protein of the skin's undersurface that deteriorates over time, causing depressions in the skin, such as wrinkles. Autologen is the material which is for lip augmentation and it produces the fuller lips for you. Since it is derived from your own skin cell by cell culture, it is rather safe to inject in your lips.

Autologen is the human dermal implant, medically speaking, made from your own skin. The procedure is that your doctor removes your skin and it then sent to the laboratory for cell culture. It is then processes and sent back in 4-6 weeks to the doctors clinic for reinjection back to people's lips.

How the Autlogen works?

Autologous collagen dispersion is extracted from the person's own skin and it consists suspension of autologous tissue matrix, hence the name AutoLogen (although it is brand name). This tissue matrix contains intact natural human collagen fibrils predominantly.

Here's how the procedure works. Your dermatologist removes from your lower hip an inch-long, football-shaped piece of skin that is then sent to the makers of Autologen.

They process the skin and send it back to the dermatologist in a syringe, ready for injection. The dermatologist is then able to fill scars and wrinkles with Autologen-your own skin's collagen.

(Alternatively, if you have a face-lift, the extra skin from the surgery can be sent to the makers of Autologen and made into injectable liquid collagen to fill in any wrinkles and lines at a later date.)

Injecting your own collagen virtually eliminates the risk of an allergic reaction. However, the procedure does leave a small scar on the hip.

This step of removing the piece of skin from your hip may one day be eliminated, as Autologen scientists hope to make Autologen using high-tech genetic engineering techniques. It is anticipated this new, improved Autologen will still have no risk of allergic reaction.

Autologen works best in the same places Collagen works-lines around the mouth and cheeks, and frown lines between the eyebrows.

Tenure of Autologen treatment

Like Collagen, Autologen treatment is not permanent, but it may last longer because it comes from you. Repeated treatments are still needed to maintain its effects, and treatment frequency depends upon your skin type and environmental factors.

Precautions to be taken

Although the autologen is rather safe, but still there are certain precautions which will help you get the best out of the Autologen process. You should always browse through the contents of plastic surgery results before and after photos, shop for right skin care products at the right place, and search a good, reputed skincare specialist nearby.

Remember that when Autologen is extracted, cultured and then received back from the laboratory, it needs to be refrigerated immediately and must be innjected to the patient within 1 week time. Proper care needs to be taken to avoid any kind of migration of the material into the skin straight inside the postauricular crease.

Autologen and Bovine Collagen

Although the AutoLogen promises to be the most safe injectable filler, it is still far behind the popularity of bovine collagen. This Bovine Collagen currently enjoys the status of the most widely and commonly used injectable filler. It is so because the Boovine Collagen is readily available in large quantities, easily placed, and generally well tolerated. Autologen on the other hand is quite costly and it is difficult to culture it in large quantities. One of the brand names of Bovine Collagen which is combination of Collagen and a synthetic product (which makes it better and long lasting) is Artecoll.

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