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Battling Beauty - Curing the common beauty boo-boos by battling beauty

Battling beauty - Boo-Boos!!

Beauty has always been my most important factor before going out of home with someone. The feeling of looking beautiful and if it is further appreciated by people around us, specially by someone special, then my day is being made. I have treated the common skin and beauty related problems on my own using natural cures as far as possible. But there are certain situations where the natural things cannot give the quick and desired results.

For all the beauty related conditions I and my family members suffer some or the other time, I tried to capture the solutions, causes, how to cover it up, etc. This list helps me to really react to the situation quickly. The Beauty care table given below is for those small points which can make you and me look gorgeous. Share it with others if you feel this is giving you the desired results and benefits.

The Ultimate destination of beauty tips and makeup tips for batting the cause of looking Good.

Yellow Nails Over use of nail varnish, especially darker colors or a hormonal imbalance. Applying varnish too frequently with no break, scraping nails with a rough implement Use varnish temporarily and then remove allowing nails to breathe Moisturise nails thoroughly and soak in olive oil once a week An over-the-counter cream containing urea and lactic acid.
Face Pigmentation Hyperactive reaction to UV rays, sunlight, pollution Use of substandard cosmetics, washing face with soap Use a light, water based foundation or concealer Avoid using soap, always use sunscreen and of your skin is sensitive, avoid any products with perfume Prescription creams if required, sunscreen and a good quality 'fairness' cream.
Surprise Zits Stress, use of substandard products. Picking, scratching or bursting Use a white, flouride toothpaste. The astringent will dry it right up! Gels and creams that contain salicylic acid A prescription cream
Dark Circles A reaction to sunlight or pollution, excessive use of eye make-up. The internal causes are anaemia, stomach infections and hormonal imbalances. Neglect, use of harsh bleaching agents Use a good concealer and on removal, place cucumber slices and cold tea bags under the eye A good sunscreen and cream to hydrate the area and in cases of internal causes, medication A good sunscreen, cold cream
Rough Butt Residual detergent in underwear, especially when garments are hand-washed in excessively 'soapsuds' solution. Using a harsh loofah or an acidic scrub Use a gentle exfoliateing scrub and intensive moisturiser or body milk Use cold cream on the affected area for 10 days Cold cream
Dark Inner Thighs Darker skin in the areas is an ethnic characteristic. It could also be due to friction, weight problems and hormonal imbalances. Over scrubbing, using harsh soaps and bleaching The skin is very sensitive so a good antibacterial cream works best Use delicate soaps and products and in severe cases use prescription creams Prescription creams to lighten the area
Cracked Heels Severe dryness, psoriasis and eczema. Neglect, excessive scraping Dip feet into warm water to which salt has been added Use an anti-bacterial cream and cold cream at bedtime Hydration creams.
Dark Elbows Extreme dryness, slight hormonal imbalance. Neglect Moisturiser, lightening cream, a paste of lemon and fresh cream Cold cream at bed-time, sunscreen and fairness cream Fairness creams, moisturisers.
Oily Nose Pre-acne phase caused by excessive oiliness. Harsh drying creams and compacts An alcohol-based toner for oily skin, rose water for normal skin. Wash with cold water to close pores. Use a cream containing benzoic peroxide Prescription creams in severe cases, mild drying agents.
Waxing Ingrowths Thick hair, damages hair follicles, clogged pores. Picking at ingrowths, using thick oil-based lotions or creams which clog pores and further create ingrowths Have a shower with hot water to open the pores and clean any leftover Wash the area thoroughly with hot water to open the pores A good astringent after a thorough clean up
Back Acne Reaction to clothing, hormonal imbalances, dandruff, excessively oily skin. Scratching Use a gentle loofah and get a professional spa clean up regurlarly Medicated creams Prescription medication, Lacto-calamine lotion
Stretch Marks Sudden weight gain followed by weight loss, pregnancy. Neglect, using too many different products Camouflage with matt make-up, foundation. Avoid glitter, shiny body make-up Apply Vitamin E, Aloe Vera gels and creams to the area Retinoid cream


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