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Botox (botulism toxin) - Skin and eye treatment using Botox

Botox is an abbreviated term for botulism toxin, derived from botulism bacteria, a dreaded chemical commonly known to cause food poisoning.

When used as part of a skin-care regimen, however, Botox can create younger looking skin.

What is Botox?

Botulinum toxin known as Botox in short is a protein and neurotoxin produced naturally by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Botulinum toxin causes "botulism", the serious and life-threatening diseases of mammals including humans.

How Botox is made safe for treatment?

In creating Botox, scientists dilute the botulism toxin for medical purposes. The FDA has approved its use for treatment of eye muscle spasms or involuntary neck muscle twitches.

However, eye doctors, dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and even neurologists have since learned that the muscle-weakening powers of Botox can have cosmetic applications as well.

When Botox is injected through a small needle into the middle of a muscle, it can cause temporary weakening of that muscle.

Origin of Botox as a Cosmetic recovery product

The cosmetic efficacies of BTX-A (Botox A) was documented by plastic surgeon from Dr. Richard Clark from California. He had written an article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Journal in 1989 on the use of Botox A on wrinkes.

Carruthers JD and Carruthers JA, the doctor husband wife, from Canada published in a journal the use of BTX-A for curing the glabellar frown lines in the year 1992. FDA, begin the clinical trials and on April 12, 2002, it announced the regulatory use of botulinum toxin type A (Botox - A Cosmetic) for improving the appearance of frown lines known as glabellar lines.

How does botox make people look younger?

Such an application is useful for people who want to lessen the thick furrows in their foreheads, or "frown" lines between their eyes and in the immediate area above their eyes.

When Botox is injected into the muscles that control these folds, the muscles relax, and the furrowed lines created by muscle tension slacken and vanish. The creation of smoother, softer-looking skin is the most popular cosmetic application of Botox.

Less commonly, people who have very prominent muscles around the "crow's feet" around their eyes or thick prominent muscles in the center of the neck can have these overused muscles relaxed through an injection of Botox.

In fact, some dermatologists use Botox to relax neck muscles and create a mini (lower) face- and neck-lift in people who cannot undergo surgical face-lifts.

Side effects of Botox

If you have Botox placed into your forehead muscles, you risk having droopy eyelids or fallen eyebrows for up to several weeks after injection. While this risk can be minimized by following the very specific aftercare guidelines provided by your doctor, on rare occasions they still do occur.

The wrinkle-relaxing effects of Botox are not permanent, and repeat injections are needed to maintain wrinkle relaxation.

Different brand names in which Botox is available

  1. United States - Botox is manufactured by Allergan, Inc. Xeomin, a German product by Merz is also available
  2. Dysport - a product from Ireland, which treats focal dystonias is available in lot of countries along with US.
  3. Neuronox, by Medy-Tox Inc. in South Korea. In US, it is marketed as Siax.
  4. Myobloc or Neurobloc (Botox-B) produced and sold by Solstice Neurosciences, LLC. These are the varient of Botox B instead of above mentioned Botox A.

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