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Foot Fitness - Get that best foot by managing foot fitness

Your feet can reveal a lot about the state of your health. Check them out for following factors:


  • Are your toes pink? Toes that look red, purple, or blue may indicate an infection, injury, or blood flow problem. See your doctor immediately for a diagnosis.
  • Press down on the nail of your big toe until the color blanches, then let go. How long does it takes for the color to return? If it takes more than 5 seconds, you may have a circulation problem. Talk to your doctor.


  • Run a pencil eraser along the top, bottom and sides of your feet. Does it feel the same in all four areas? (The bottom may tickle.)
  • Poor sensation could be a sign of diabetes or nerve injury and should be evaluated by a doctor.


Can you pick up a small hand towel and a marble with your toes? If not, you can improve flexibility by massaging your feet and toes gently every day. Also, practice these foot exercises.

  • Run barefoot. After workout, start with five or six 100-yard intervals on a level. Grassy surface and increase to 10 continuous minutes.
  • Keeping your big toe firmly planted on the floor; lift the four smaller ones as high as you can (if you can't do it at first, try holding the big toe down with the opposite foot). Then reverse it, stretching the big toe up, keeping the smaller ones down.
  • Stretch all five toes apart so none touch.
  • Standing, pull yourself along the floor using just your toes - it is not as hard as it sounds (but you will look silly).
  • Finally, picking up small objects with your toes is a great way to strengthen them. And avoid shoes that give you more support than you need.

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