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Hair Style - Gallery for Hair Style - Tips and tricks for all hair style types

Hair Style Guide

With thousands of hairstyles to choose from it can be a chore to find the one that will suit you. Well here's a little help with our hair style guide...

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Hairstyle Tips

  1. If you have low forehead: Choose a hairstyle which brushes the hair back from the brow and a short fringe, taken from a high parting on the crown of the hand.
  2. If you have small forehead: hair should be trimmed in front. Do back-combing. For a broad jaw, have a hair-cut which comes upto the jaw so that the breadth is hidden and jaw looks small.

Hair Style Question & Answer

Let us help with your most common hair style and hair care questions.

Ques: My hair is very thin and short. I want thick & long hair. Pls do suggest a home remedy. My hair was black before but now it's turning brown. (Reena)
Ans: Eat plenty of protein containing foods, fresh fruits and vegetables. Cut down on fried foods, starches and sugary foods. trim the ahir every 4-5 weeks even if you are growing it. The oil extracted from rohisa, briskly rubbed on the head encourages new growth. Complete hair care guide

Ques: My child has very dry scalp and the ends of her hair is a light-reddish color.i was wondering what would be the best thing to use on her scalp? Will the ends of her hair become even tonded again?Are the certain kinds of hair dressing or pomade made just for relaxed african-american hair? (joe)
Ans: For dry hair follow this treatment once in 15 days - warm 2 tablespoons of olive oil and massage on the head. Cover your hair with a polythene bag. Cover the bag with a warm towel in a turban like fashion. Leave it so for half an hour, then rinse away thoroughly and shampoo your hair in the normal way.

Ques: My father used to have scarce hair and even at the age of twenty myself i had started losing hair above all now my son who is just three years he also has very scarce hair . my wife is expecting our second child at the end of this month of july . So plz let me know what she should have in her diet . i have very few days left for the precautions. I think i have got your site very late but yet hoping a very quick response from your side . Her age is twenty five & we are pure vegeterians &please mention us the name of the food products directly to be consumed or else it will become to late for us to understand in which food we would get different nutrients. Thanks . waiting for your quick response. (PRARAMBH INDIAN)
Ans: Hair loss occurs when the diet is inadequate in the B vitamins - especially B6, biotin, inositol and folic acid; and the minerals magnesium, sulfur and zinc. The B vitamins, especially B5 (pantothenic acid and B3 (niacin), are especially important for hair growth. Eat right, exercise, reduce stress, rest, gets lots of sleep and your are well on your way to maximizing your hair growth potential. 

Ques: My mom does not allow me to get my hair cut.My hair is dry and frizzy.But when I apply oil it becomes too thin and curly at the end.My hair is till the shoulder level.My hair is dark but now its turning brown because I am not applying any oil.Please help me with any simple home made remedy. (alison(14 yrs))
Ans: The easiest thing you can do to maintain hair density is to keep your hair and scalp healthy. Avoid pulling out hairs by vigorous combing or too much tension on ponytails and braids. Use anti-dandruff shampoo if necessary to keep your scalp healthy and prevent itching and scratching. You can use rollers for bouncy hair.

Hairstyle - Casual Chic

Arguably the quickest hairstyle to achieve is this clean, crisp look that really shows off your shining locks without hiding the beauty of your face. The whole style can be created in under ten minutes, making it a very popular choice for women who want to look great without having to spend a lot of time getting that way.

First, work a small amount (quarter-sized for long hair, dime-sized for short hair) of styling gel from the roots of your hair down to the ends while it is clean and wet. Use a blow-dryer on high heat and a paddle brush to completely disperse the gel and dry your hair.

Once fully dry, straighten your hair and part it directly down the center. The easiest way to determine the center is to lightly trace a long comb over your forehead from your nose and back through your hair until you have a large amount of hair “caught”. Then, smoothly whip the comb to one side. You will see the part form, and can “clean it up” from there.

Q: mine z a dry n frizzy hair.i do have a bad hair fall can u suggest me few tips to controll d loss n to regrowth?
A: Apply coconut oil on your scalp in night and keep it as it is for whole night. In the morning, wash your hairs with a nice shampoo and after that do not dry them using a hair dryer. Follow this routine at least 4 times a week. You can see the results in few weeks time.

Q: I have got many split ends in my hairs i want 2 get rid of it how can i wen i iron my hairs it gets more prominent and looks v.bad nd my hair looks v.rough wat shud i do now? (katrina)
A: Try this wonderful recipe for split ends - Take half a cup of black dal ( lentil). Add one table spoon of fenugreek (methi) seeds. Dry grind to a coarse powder. Add half a cup of curd. mix well. Apply generously all over the scalp. Leave it for 2 hours. Wash your hair with water using a mild shampoo. This helps to get rid of split end. Find full info on split ends here -

Q: an you give hairstyle advice for a petite with a square face? (Medo)
A: With the square face, you want a hairstyle that has a softer, rounded silhouette. Choose a style that features layers to allow for some volume on the sides, and possibly razoring on the ends to give a smooth curve to the finish. Regardless of the overall length of the style, there should be layers toward the front which curve inward at the jaw line. Style the hair using large rollers (or large-barreled curling iron) to give the fullness and roundness you need. More Hairstyles.

Q: how do you prevent your hair from frizzing? (Fallon)
A: top hair from frizzing by spraying combs or brushes with Static Guard then running it lightly through hair after styling and before hairspray. The versatile product is essential for cutting static on the inside of hats and jacket hoods, too. For a one-two punch, spritz the inside of your pants legs and skirts to further prevent static cling. Be sure to keep a handy tote-size can in the purse or car for "static emergencies

Q: I colored my hair and it's snapped. Now what? (Sonny)
A: Well, nothing will repair the hair - you just need to make it look better. You can do this by having the most damaged areas cut by a good hairdresser and by flooding the rest with moisture via intensive conditioning treatments. Other than that, you will just have to wait for healthier hair to grow back in its place. You can speed growth by massaging the scalp daily - particularly with products containing menthol, which stimulates blood flow to the scalp.

Q: Hello, after i blow dry my hair the next morning it gets all messed up. I know that the reason isn't that it isn't being blow dried well what is it how can i keep it well made after u=i wake up? (Nadine on 2/26/2006)
A: There is no clear cut, defined step by step procedure to cure problem you have. You can try applying some oil (coconut oil) on your hair before sleeping in the night. And in the morning you can shampoo your hair to give them lusturous looks.

Q: Is getting your hair colored by a stylist just as bad as using box dye? Which is better for your hair? (Tracey on 2/22/2006)
A: When I had my hair professionally colored I didn't notice any difference quality-wise in the color or shine and it didn't last longer than box coloring either. As far as harshness, salons probably use a safer solution to color hair but in the long run I have had better results with do-it-yourself color. A stylist can apply color in highlights, low lights or creative application of haircolor in different shades. The fee they charge is for their time, their expertise in application and their knowledge of style.

Q: Do you know of any hair styles that a one handed person would be able to do if wanting to wear her hair up ? if so am interested in learning on how to do them .. thanks (Jennifer on 2/17/2006)
A: You can try the flat hair which fall down without any curls. These hair will look great and give you a decent formal looks.

Q: Can I perm and color my hair at the same time? (lolo)
A: Not at home. The chemicals can easily interact and lead to breaking. A professional hairdresser can do both, so ask their advice about what should be done when. Tell your hairdresser everything you have used on your hair - any chemical could upset the process and cause damage. The thing most people forget is henna, which, despite its natural image, often contains chemicals.

Q: What can I do to grow out my hair without a hair growing shampoo or pill? (Stephaine )
A: The vitamin B, which provide the body with energy, are vital for hair growth. If your energy levels are low, hair growth slows down. Eating little and often will help to keep energy levels up. Biotin also helps create thicker, faster-growing hair. You'll find it in eggs, fish, milk, nuts and pulses.

Q: Is washing your hair everyday bad to the hair even when you are using a mild shampoo? (zoe )
A: The imporatnt point is that is to keep your scalp in good condition. Whenever you feel your hair becomes oily or sticky, this will be the correct time to wash your hair. For me the best time is after 3 days. Learn hair washing tips.

Q: does tressame really give you better shine and softness than it says? (Jackie)
A: Tresemme includes micro-vitamin complex containing vitamins A E & pro vitaminB5. Tresemme detagles, improves manageability and helps reduce split ends. Tresemme restores body and shine. The only disadvantage is that it makes your scalp itch if you are sensitive.

Q: does blow-drying makes hair dry? (chu-chu)
A: No, but sometimes the hair is delicate and fine, so use low heat and less tension. Extreme heat and hard pulling will damage the hair and cause breakage. Avoid heat damage. Always keep your hairdryer or your hair moving. Never expose one section of your hair to intense, sustained heat from hairdryers (or hair irons) as this will result in fuzzy damaged hair that lacks shine. Also know about various Hair Dryers

Q: Can my hair 'get used' to its shampoo, making it less effective? (Annie)
A: No, it's not true that if you use the same product regularly they become less effective. If you like a shampoo and it's roght for your hair, stick with it. The only reason to change would be if your hair type changes, which can happen with age, if you chemically treat your hair or when the seasons changes - heat makes hair get oilier, whereas cold dries it out.

Q: Is it a myth that you should brush your hair 100 times a day? (Amanda)
A: Yes. This can actually damage the root and tear the hair shaft. Just brush two or three times to get the tangles out. Start at the ends o fthe ahir, holding the strands about half-way up to prevent tugging at the root and work out any knots carefully to prevent splitting.

------- Right hair style for your face -------

Tired of trying out different hairstyles and coming up with scary results? Many of us donot realize that only a particular kind of style will go well with our facial structure. The right way, say stylists, is to find what works with the structure of the face and looks flattering. A flattering hairstyle can be the most important single factor in your appearance. Not only does it tell about your character, it balances your body, frames your face and complements your clothes and lifestyle. A really professional haircut is a valuable investment, because it will make you feel good as well as look good. When choosing a new hairstyle you should look carefully at the shape of your face.

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