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Blush on - Blusher Applying techniques - How to apply blush?

Where does the natural blush come from? Blood vessels which lie directly under the skin. When we are aroused, embarrassed, excited, or active, these blood vessels enlarge, allowing a greater amount of blood flow to the skin. The result of this is visible as flushed cheeks.

Many types of blushers are available, but powder blushers are probably most popular. This is because they are easier to apply and blend. In warm, humid weather too, powder blushers are more convenient. Cream type or gels may be better for dry skins. They can give the skin a natural sheen. However, they may be more difficult to apply and blend and would need more practice.

Apply the blusher with a brush, on the cheek, in the shape of a triangle, tapering towards the temples. Blend it outwards and upwards. No lines of demarcation should be visible. It should not have a harsh effect, but rather lend the face a warm, soft glow.
You can also try contouring your cheeks with a blusher, but this needs more skill. Apply the blusher in the hollow of your cheek, blending upwards and outwards, towards the middle of your ear. Using a lighter colour, highlight the cheek bones, blending upwards towards the temples.

If you have sallow skin, avoid browns and orangish tones. Try rose,
russet, coral or pink.

Many women like to use the blusher at the end, after applying lip
stick, as they use it to balance their make-up.

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