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Best tips to handle Bushy eyebrows

Eyebrow is one of the most noticed feature on our face. Keeping them well groomed is essential. The better they look - the better you look. the bushy eyebrows make you look cluttered and untidy. One small but amazing change can come as a result of proper eyebrow shaping. The shape of your brow can define your whole look.

Bushy eyebrows in men

Men, especially are least bothered about the hairy growth above their eyes. They simply don't care if their eyebrows are barely visible or are so bushy that they may obstruct their vision. For the cost conscious, men can try trimming with a small scissors making sure to cut one hair at a time. For best results use a mustache comb and brush the hairs downward. Cut sparingly. Some men have a professional trim several times a year and in between times, do it themselves.
However, for some people, particularly teenage girls, bushy eyebrows can be a cause of concern.

What to do incase of Bushy Eyebrow

For eyebrows not to look too "manicured", start by trimming back the long hair and cut them in the direction they grow. If you have a "unibrow" get the middle part waxed to get a clean appearance. You may need a bit of waxing underneath or above your eyebrows to get a cleaned up look.

Best tips on Bushy Eyebrows

Sometimes trimming is enough for teens and men, often women need to do a little more work for bushy eyebrows.

Eyebrows should be waxed every 3 weeks. If you have really coarse, thick eyebrows you may want to get them done every 2 weeks.

If you feel like cleaner eyebrows will help you feel better, make sure that your parents understand. Speak calmly and let them know that it would really make you feel better if they support you. It wouldn't hurt to remind them that being a teenager is tough and that a little confidence and self-esteem will go a long way.

If you've overplucked your eyebrows you can color them in with a soft coloured-eyeshadow while they're growing back in. Use a brush with firm, short hair. That will create a softer, more natural but precise look. It's nicer than drawing them in with a pencil. The best way to let your eyebrows grow back in is to pluck the stray hairs out, but leave a row or 2 of hairs right under the brows so that they can grow in. That way it wont look so messy.

Please do not attempt to pluck your eyebrows yourself with a pair of tweezers or nail scissors. Asking your friend to do the job for you is an equally bad idea. Therefore, my advice to you would be to convince your folks to get your eyebrows done at salon.

Whether you are a man or a woman, remember to start out slow, you can always remove more as you go along.

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