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Cellulite Creams

Creams is the easiest and least-costly approach for the treatment of cellulite. Many doctors are not convinced with this but Newburger says that some creams which contains methylxanthines shows some effect on cellulite (caffeine). Most topical applications are used to fight cellulite but they do not attack the cellulite completely only create a smoother texture by plumping up the skin. The effects of other topical application is temporary and needs constant application of cellulite lotions. "Caffeine creams work great to pull fluids out of the spaces between cells and induce lipolysis -- fat burning in the layer just below the skin's surface. Some researchers found that methylxanthine creams reduced fat cells in skin, with visible results in about eight weeks and it works fast if the concentration of methylxanthine is high in cream.

Anti cellulite creams containing aminophylline are used to reduce the dimpling effect of cellulite. Anti cellulite creams containing Retinoids or Vitamin A derivatives should applied at night because exposure to light destroys Retinol and it is used to improve circulation to the skin and smoothen it too but it is not much powerful in reducing the cellulite. Liposome technology is a good delivery system to drive the creams into the cells. Some creams like Neutrogena's Anti-Cellulite Treatment and CelluSculpt Anti-Cellulite Slimming Treatment by Avon are comes among the hottest-selling caffeine cellulite creams.

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