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Natural Remedy for Cellulite Elimination

Natural body fat is smooth, following the outlines and curves of the body. Cellulite in the adipose of tissues is often found in areas that has poor circulation and elimination such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, abdomen and the inner part of the upper arms.

Cellulite is caused by accumulation of waste and toxic matter becoming trapped in the tissues leading to lack of cell nourishment, with swelling and thickening of tissues which often feel like scar tissue. Even women involved in hard labor, long distance runner and athletes can have areas of Cellulite in their body.

Natural Remedy using Essential Oil for Cellulite

Essential oils are useful in treating Cellulite by body brushing and massage which increase circulation and lymph flow, improve the tone and texture of the skin. Regular exercise is very essential for the body.

Natural Diet and Remedy to reduce Cellulite

Many different eating plans claim to beat cellulite but there is no miracle cure - eating watermelon for three days won’t make your thighs dimple free.
Nutrition is of utmost importance. The patient should be advised to go on a detoxification diet. Cut out wheat, dairy products, red meats, alcohol, coffee, tea and fried foods. Drink plenty of water and consider taking a vitamin and mineral supplement.

Plumped out skin shows cellulite less than dehydrated skin so it’s a good idea to incorporate body lotion application into your daily regime.

Cellulite gets worse as collagen and elastin levels decrease in the body. If you always use sun protection, you will slow that decrease and add moisture too.

Natural Cellulite Treatment and Remedies

As removal of trapped toxin depends on good lymphatic flow, the treatment should include a body massage. Following methods are applied for the treatment.

  1. Dry skin brushing – always follow the direction of the lymphatic flow which can be carried out either standing or sitting. The entire body should be brushed.
  2. Exfoliation – Use a natural exfoliating product, easily removable form the skin.

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