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How to clean and restore canvas tennis shoes

Getting the dirt off your canvas tennis shoes is quiet an easy task, just washing them in the machine, but that is not going to work well, instead use white shoe polish to make your shoes look pristine new. You can also add little more zing look to your own canvas, and betterment for you children’s tennis shoes. Creativity of your own or may your children‘s, will aid this, if your child is good artistic in his canvas painting. But be watchful with it.

Canvas tennis shoes cleaning

For a distinctive trend statement, have your child use a hodgepodge of non-toxic marker to craft their own canvas tennis shoe designs. Stretch out a few newspapers above the table or set up a workspace in the open air and allow them draw stripes, spins, triangles, stars, dots, or whatever they visualize onto old tennis shoes. Add up to the look with bright shoe laces.

You can easily try out these Innovative ways, to lengthen the life of your tiny ones' tennis shoes. Ready to craft a chic look! Procure a stencil kit and add a, butterfly, squashy flower or mannish themed patterns, to say with, cars, boats, or trucks to your child’s tennis shoes. While in spring, tint your toddler's tennis shoes with wishy-washy colors. If you want them from a children’s specialty stores, it is little bit difficult to have such a design concept, even if found, it costs pretty expensive!!

So, are you on the way to clean your own or your toddler’s tennis shoes!? Just don’t always go with just polishing it or washing it, try out any of these said designing by your children or your own. It increases fun and of course gets you a new one from an inexpensive old revival, helping your family within your budget.

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