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Adhesive Dentures

Adhesive dentures are glue or gum that is used for false teeth. But before using adhesive dentures it is highly recommended that one should be aware of how to use it. Using too much of adhesive dentures will make your dentures to look unattractive. For those who won’t produce much saliva the usage of adhesive dentures will best suit. Since saliva is considered to be the best natural adhesive for dentures there is no need of using adhesive dentures. For such people doctors recommend gum and one should use it very sparingly.

There are many types of denture adhesive on the market, pads, paste, powders, strips etc. Each denture wearer has plenty of adhesives to pick from until he or she finds the one best for them. Dentures are hard to get use to if your a first time dentures wearer, people who already had dentures before getting a new set of dentures are better off than the first time denture wearer because  he or she is already use to wearing dentures and accustom to dentures.

Problems of denture adhesive

The problem with adhesive is that it becomes a daily routine which becomes a hassle to deal with daily, an alternative to adhesives is a denture reline which will (should) end the daily routine of dentures adhesive or adhesives.

Dentures adhesives are a great way to enhance the function of dentures.  If used properly and for the right reasons, they can significantly increase a patient’s comfort.  The dangers of adhesives come when they are used excessively and improperly.  Tissue damage is not uncommon in these cases.

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