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Dental Implant Cost and Procedure

Dentures made by traditional means typically cost from $800 - $1,500 per plate (upper denture or lower denture). Neuromuscularly fitted dentures are more expensive, often $5,000 to $7,500 for a full set. However, the fit and comfort far outweighs the cost for the patients.

What Will I have to Pay?

  • Assessment for denture replacement approximately $6.
  • Full upper and lower denture $253.
  • Single full denture $141.
  • Partial denture from $64 (and depending on the number of teeth and clasps required).
  • A metal partial denture will have additional charge.
  • The costs for dentures are based on 25% of the Department of Veterans' Affairs schedule of fees. For example, the total cost of a full upper and lower denture is $1012.50 under this schedule. However, with Oral Health Services you will only have to pay $253.

Get to know the three types of implant procedures such as i) root form implant. ii) plate form implant and iii) subperiosteal implant. The dental implant method may vary according to the body condition and teeth type of the patient and mostly they depend on the titanium fittings that are inserted into the jaw bone. Titanium has the tendency to blend easily with the human bone and since they are used in the dental implant therapy.

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