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Dental Implant Failure

There are two types of dental implant failures; one is early and the other is late failure. The first type is the failure noticed immediately after the implantation is done. This failure occurs shortly after the implantation is one and there are many reasons such as over heating of the bone, giving too much force to crown the implant or using less force while fixing implant behind the failure of dental implant. The late failure is different the early one. This is noted only after the first year of the implantation.

In some cases dental implant may failed such as misalignment, imprper force on implant or existing diseases of the patient. Failure of dental implant id often related to osseointegrate correctly. Risk of failure is increased in smokers.Tremendous amount of pressure on the dental implant can result in denatal implant failure.There are some other factors related to dental failure such as biomechanical factors, biomaterial factors or implant surface treatments and characteristics.Implants are fail when placed in patients having insufficient quality and/or quantity of bone to support the implant fixture.

Dental implant failure may result from during surgical placement such as inadequate irrigation of the surgical site or from using low torque and excessive drill speed, excessive temprature elevation in bone during placement. Biting food with your front teeth may dislog or shift the position of your dentures.

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