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Dental Implant Financing

The patient must be aware of the fact that dental implant is a long process and it is little expensive too. Therefore patient needs dental implant financing to meet the cost requirements involved in the treatment. Dental implant fees vary from physician to physician and depending on the number of the missing teeth and the area in which the implant dentistry is performed. Many dental offices offer dental implant financing plans allowing patients to finance100% of surgery fees.

Some dental treatment finance companies notify you by email or by phone of your approval.

Dental Financing Options

There are varies options we can pay fees to dentist or denture clinic. Some of them are as follows :-

  • Credit card
  • Installment plans to help manage the cost of replacing missing teeth.
  • Insurance - There are various options offered by insurance companies like individual plans, entire family plans, employee plans, etc..
  • Varies companies are ready to give loans to the patients. Make sure you get a competitive rate if that's the path you choose to follow. 
  • It is better to choose FDA approved companies for finance.

In some cases, we will use a combination of dental implant financing and a modified lay-a-way plan to stretch out the costs for dental implant surgery and the final restorations.

Factors to be included in dental financing

It generally consider the potential of several implants and several crowns and potential use of synthetic bone material during surgery. The fee structure include the following:

  • cost of dental implant surgery,
  • cost of the post,
  • cost of the crown
  • period maintenance such as hygiene visits, tissue conditioners, denture relines and other repairs.

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