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Permanent Dentures

Fixed partial dentures, better known as permanent bridges, are made from crowns that are fitted on the remaining teeth to act as abutments and pontics made from materials to resemble the missing teeth. Fixed bridges are more expensive than removable appliances but are more stable. One type of fixed bridge, a cantilever bridge uses only a tooth or teeth to support the entire bridge and should be used only when the span is not more than the supporting teeth.

Dentists prescribe permanent dentures for those who have removed the crown or crowns and those are suffering from loose gums or moved teeth. Permanent denture is to fill the gap made by the removed tooth or moved ones. Those who have gap cannot eat or chew properly and they may suffer from all types of problems related to indigestion.  

Making permanent dentures is not a simple process. It takes several steps that all should be coordinated to achieve a beautiful and functional result. The patient should look good and chew well. The whole process begins with a diagnostic cosmetic set up of the teeth. The set up is tried into the patient's mouth to be sure that the teeth and the patient's face look good. Once this is completed, the best positions of the dental implants is chosen based on the final positions of the denture teeth.

Disadvantages for permanent dentures

Implants are a major investment and not without risk as any other procedure, you might have on your body. For most people, the greatest concern is price of permanent dentures. For some people there is varying degrees discomfort or pain, which subsides in a couple of days, so it is also important detail, to consider before having permanent dentures. As with similar types of surgery, bruising and minor swelling might also develop shortly after the procedure and this is something many people dislike about permanent dentures.

Advantages for permanent dentures

As our life span increases, a permanent dental replacement like implants is increasingly important, as we get older each day. The truth is dentures and removable bridges are usually loose and unstable.

In the same time, implants provide you with dental replacements that are both natural looking and very functional. Most people say that implants look much better, and feel better.

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