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Dentures Repair

Once the dentures are fixed, you forget to visit the dentist again. Unless the dentures are broken in any accident, you never meet dentist again. But when the dentures are broken, the dentist is the only person who could get you the right solution. He will do the dentures repair for you immediately.

A denture repair is replacing broken, missing or worn parts of a denture and denture reline is adding a denture material to a denture and placing it into your mouth to fill the empty space between the denture and the natural gums for a secure fit.

The common types of damage are chipping and cracking. Damage to the pink base can also cause tissue damage to your soft gums and surrounding oral tissue.The repair time can vary depending on the seriousness of the damage. Cracks and fractures that contact your gums or mouth tissue will require more extensive remodeling work.

The condition of your dentures will also have an influence on repair time. Older dentures that have been worn a lot may be more suitably replaced rather than repaired.

Damaged dentures can cause additional oral health problems, so see your dentist right away. Never attempt to repair dentures yourself. They require professional repair and adjustment.

Glues often contain harmful chemicals and are not effective in the proper repair of dentures.

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