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Lose Double Chin - Eliminate Double Chin by exercises and surgery

Double chin is, in fact, a problem basically connected with the obesity syndrome. Due to excessive fat at the bottom of the face the chin develops a dividing line, giving the impression of the person having a double-chin. It gives a bad look, particularly to the unmarried girls, it is a major problem. At times this is due to extra heavy facial limit. In that case, the problem could be cured by having deft use of make-up aids. In general, the best way to avoid double chin is to have regular massage.

How to get rid of double a chin?

Although as we get older our skin and muscles tend to become more lax, this doesn't mean that a double, sometimes triple, chin is inevitable.

Cause of double chin

Lack of exercise: The way we hold our head contributes to the muscles becoming flabby and withered. Without exercise, fat deposits find a home here and as a result, we have the double chin.

The first step is to ensure your diet is high in fibre and low in fat and calories, containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. This will help prevent you laying down vast amounts of fat.

Using a skin toner everyday helps the skin remain firm, as does slapping under the chin with the back of your hand. When slapping, start gently and build up speed gradually. Do this for a couple of minutes each time, two or three times a day.

Stand up straight, don't slouch in chairs, jut your jaw slightly both when speaking and at rest, and (if you have flat feet) make a conscious effort to walk on the outside edges of your soles. At the same time, exercise the neck and jaw muscles by standing up straight, pointing your chin at the ceiling, and stretching, rotating your head slowly as you do.

Eliminate Double chin and make up

Here is how to hide your double chin with the help of makeup.

After doing your complete makeup, use a darker tone like a brown blusher and apply it under the chin area. This will give the depth effect to your double chin, thus giving it a more regular effect.

Don't use a darker foundation as this is too heavy. Powder is best. Foundation can also look dirty and the last thing you want people to see or think they see, is a dirty neck.

You don't want your hair to stop exactly where the double chins begin. Choose a shorter style that brings the eye to the center of the face. This will also emphasize those cheekbones.

Exercises for the removal of double chin

Apart from massage following exercises are found to be quite effective in removing this double-chin problem.

Exercise No.1: First of all, be seated on a chair with a table in front. Put your right elbow on the table with your folded hand pressing your chin side-ways from below. Now try to open your mouth while, at the same time, put pressure from your hand to prevent the mouth from opening. This two-pronged pressure 'attack'- launched at least 4 to 5 times in a day-goes a long way to remove the double chin problem.

Exercise No.2: Bring your two feet together and stand erect as a ramrod. Now gradually tilt your head backwards. When having reached the point, you can tilt your neck back as for away as possible, then freeze your movement. This way, by putting pressure on the chin with reverse movement, you can make your chin free from the folds of flesh.

Chin liposuction for removing out double chin

Chin Liposuction is an expensive way where fat is oozed out from the problematic area. It is often risky and you can face high danger of death from blood clots, infection, lidocaine can cause heart failure, etc. Also, if you do not cut short on your caloric intake and continue poor eating habits, your double chin will recur.

Eat properly to get rid of double chin

Chewing your food nicely will help define your jaw line and therefore reduce the looks of a double chin. You don’t have to masticate your food as much as saints do. The point is to chew your food at least 20 times, or until it’s almost of liquid consistency.

Posture is important to get rid of a double chin

Sitting up straight and keeping your jaw slightly jutted during the day is going to keep that double chin. Hey, that rhymes! Giving your jaw muscles too much slack is going to ensure that body fat and loose skin starts to accumulate there. There are ergonomic chairs available which will ensure you sit up straight while you work.

Get in shape for chin to be in shape

Get in shape, if your double chin is part of overall weight gain. Check your caloric intake and watch what you eat. Start an aerobic routine walking, jogging or joining a fitness club. Start weight training and calisthenics to tone your muscles.

Massage may also help in reducing Double Chin Troubles

The muscles of the chin may be classed as involuntary and can only be developed by massage. But they usually react more quickly to that process than the muscles that surround the eye.

Try using Chin Wrap for reducing double chin

The Chin Wrap reduces and sets the chin, leaving it firm. Just apply the reaffirming reducer gel all over the chin, including part of the neck. Then position the chin reaffirmer and adjust the size using its simple adapters. You will feel how it immediately lifts the chin, enabling the gel to work quickly.

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