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Welcome to Beauty Cosmetic Guide's Eye Care Library.

Although eyes are shows the signs of neglect rather quickly, they are much more stronger than most people can imagine. Eyes are not damaged permanently by watching television or wearing the wrong type of glasses. Eyes are supposed to be those two lamps which illumine your entire face. They are the most sensitive and expressive part of your face.

In this section of Beauty Cosmetic Guide, you will learn about the daily routine care and management of skin around the eyes and also about the various problems related to eyes.

Eye creams

The Perfect Lash

Create Beautiful Cat Eyes

Eye Lasik Surgery

Eye care
Your eyes are the replica of the soul, whether you believe it or not. They give a clear indication of how you are feeling and about the state of your physical wellbeing. The soul must see through these eyes alone, and if they are dim, the whole world is clouded.
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Eye Care Section


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Best Eye care Tips

  Eye creams
  Beautiful Eyes
  Eye Lasik Surgery

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Some tried and tested methods for ensuring good eye-care have been listed below.

(i) If the skin around your eyes is quite dry, apply cream over it by gently 'patting' it over the area and wipe off the superfluous or extra cream by tissue paper.

(ii) Always go for natural eye-tonic and - like pieces of cucumber, potato etc.-such eye-care aids. Just cut round pieces of them, keep them in deep freezer and put them on your eye. This is an ideal tonic not only for enhancing the beauty of the eyes but also improving the eye-sight as well. Particularly in summers this treatment must be resorted to quite often.

(iii) Your eyes' beauty has a direct bearing upon your diet. Include such items in your food as have high vitamin 'A' content. Carrots, turnip, apricots etc. are a rich sources of Vitamin 'A'. Also have lot of fibrous vegetables like beans so that your system remains unconstipated.

(iv) Have as much water as you can. Water drives out toxins from your body and also helps in keeping eyes remain clean and glowing.

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Eye Moisturizer How to Apply Fake Eyelashes The Perfect Lash Eye creams

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Best Eye care Tips
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