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Eye cream: Anti-aging eye cream, Best under Eye cream

A good eye cream must be light weight and glide on easily. If the cream cannot be "tapped" on, avoid the product. A heavy eye cream can also make the skin puff up or even block your pores.

Most women believe that eye creams are specially formulated for the skin around the eye area. Although the eye area does tend to be more prone to allergic or sensitizing reactions and often shows wrinkles before other areas of the face, it turns out that product formulations for eye creams don't differ from those for face products.

You may directly apply high-quality essential oils like jojoba, kalaya or rosa mosqueta to your undereye area. Because oils spread smoothly and absorb easily, you wont have to disturb that delicate skin area by touching it too much.

Eye creams can cost you a lot of money. So before deciding on a specific brand, visit the cosmetic counters and speak to the reps. There are lots of samples available and it is the best way to find the perfect cream for your skin.

For daytime, that makes most eye creams a serious problem for the health of skin. You could believe that you were doing something special for your eyes, but you would actually be putting them at risk of sun damage and wrinkling by using an eye cream without sunscreen.

Homemade eye creams

In order to provide nourishment to your skin around the eyes, prepare the mixture in the following way and then apply it around your eyes.

1 big teaspoonful of Lanoline oil

1/2 big teaspoonful of almond oil

1 big tablespoonful of lecithin powder

2 small teaspoonfuls of cold water

Take a wide-mouthed saucepan, put Lanoline in that, melt and add almond oil. Then remove the saucepan from the fire. Now add lecithin powder and water to it and stir the whole mixture to a homogenous fluid. It will be the best cream for applying around your eyes. Even otherwise, Almond oil is the best solution to keep your skin around the eyes soft and glowing. In this solution each ingredient has a specific job. While almond oil provides smoothness, Lanoline the required amount of moisture, lecithin requisite amount of protein and acts as a preservative.

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