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Eyebrow Razor: Eyebrow Razoring Tips

Eyebrow Razor removes the fine hairs of the eyebrow, neck and face as well as unnecessary hairs elsewhere.

At least we can say we have a few options now and as time goes on we will have even more. Including this new addition, the eyebrow razor. Of course it is a "spin-off" of the old shaving method that creates stubble and what not but it is inexpensive, reliable, and flexible. It is also not permanent. These were first introduced on some of the style and fashion networks on television. One particular model was being demonstrated during a makeover on a young man. Needless to say both men and women can utilize this device. They have been difficult to locate up until recently. You can normally find them at most beauty supply stores here and there, generally larger independant ones. They are disposable and normally come three to a package for a cost of roughly $3.50. There are more expensive non-disposable models that cost around $20.00. However the feedback has been positive with these disposable versions. In addition, it is a good start to purchase the lesser expensive version until you see whether you like it or not. The device itself is simple, nothing to assemble. They look similiar to those hand held dental-flossers used for our teeth except for a single edged ribbed razor.

How to use razor for your eyebrows?

Apply milk lotion or soap foam onto the spot you want to shave and shave gently. Recommended to apply lotion or cream after use.

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