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Eyebrow Shaping - How to have perfect eyebrow shape?

There are many different ways in which one can shape his or her eyebrows. The general points are as follows:

  • Men's eyebrows should be slightly thick and heavier in shape and the centre should be absolutely clean
  • Women eyebrows should be of medium thickness and the shape must be very well defined.
  • Normally eyebrow are shaped at a 45 degree angle.

Eyebrow Shaping - How to get your eyebrows to match your face?

Eyebrow Shaping can be done in following varied styles:

  1. Round : Round eyebrows look very good on the faces that have big eyes and a large forehead. The eyebrows are shaped along the frontal bone and follow the shape of the eye. Since it is natural flow of the eyebrow it gives an innocent look to the face.
  2. Angular : Angular eyebrows portray elegant and stern looks. A chubby, round face can be made more interesting by making angular eyebrows.
  3. Sweeping : This shape generally suits all faces and gives a scope for different types of eye make-up. A sweeping shape in eyebrows helps to create an illusion of large and open eyes, balance a wide mouth and large nose and provide width to a long and triangular face.

Eyebrows for men

Eyebrow shaping is not just for the ladies. Eyebrow care works very well for men too. The unibrow is a common problem for all men. Once men turn 40 or 50 their hair gets wiry, and just trimming and grooming their eyebrow can make them look much younger. Gray hairs tend be dry, coarse and to stick out. An electrologist will selectively take them out and trim them. Men won't look feminine. An electrologist makes sure a man's brows are not too clean or defined.

Methods of Eyebrow Shaping:

There are various methods by which one can shape the eyebrows. It ranges from the most popular Eyebrow threading to the least Eyebrow Waxing. Refer to the links below for more details on this.

  • Eyebrow Plucking
  • Eyebrow Threading
  • Eyebrow Waxing

Tips on perfect Eyebrow Shaping

  1. The best one can do with the shaping is to do it on her own. But remember, the changes you do are going to last on your face for another 3-4 months, so be careful while deciding in favor of self help.
  2. it is recommended to go to a salon first for a wax or tweeze and consultation before opting for self help eyebrow shaping.
  3. The eyebrow stylist can help you with a professionally designed shape which can be easy to learn and maintain at home without professional help on yourown.
  4. Consult pictures of your favorite celebrities to find an eyebrow shapes that suit face type.

Here is what experts recommend for Eyebrow Shaping

Use an eyebrow pencil or powder that matches the color of your own eyebrows. If you have pale or blonde eyebrows use a color that is only one or two shades deeper than your natural brow color—this prevents a fake or drawn-on look. Brush the brow up with a toothbrush. Whether you are using a pencil or powder, follow the basic shape of the existing brow, using the tweezing guidelines.

For fuller faces, your eyebrow should be a bit thicker. For thinner faces, a thinner eyebrow is recommended. You generally can’t feel eyebrow shaping gel after it’s dried. It shouldn’t feel particularly sticky, and it should dry clear.

However since it is slightly wet when applied, you’ll want to put on eye and face makeup first, and use the gel as a final finishing touch. By using eyebrow shaping gel last, you can also use a tiny comb or brush over the eyebrows first to comb out any makeup or powder that may be stuck in the brows.

Post Eyebrow Shaping analysis

After you finish shaping your brows, wipe clean the area with a cotton bud or swab loaded with some nice antiseptic lotion to avoid any infection. Rub a piece of ice on the area if it feels sore.

For those who prefer a wax or threading over a pair of tweezers; make sure you go to a trusted salon. I have been vitness of lot of eyebrow shaping accidents wherein, you are left with only couple of choices, the wrst been staying closed at home for 2 months. It seems like the professionals always desire to make every eyebrow thin and sword like and have harsh angles. Look through media, magazine, shows, movies and get inspiration from your favorite models and celebrities. Take the picture alongwith you to the salon and then ask for the similar eyebrow shaping.

Our last piece of advice for Eyebrow Shaping

Now knowing the importance of eyebrow on a women face, it won't be any kind of boasting to say that a pair of wrong unmatching eyebrows, will age a women and man as well, faster than any sun or birthday can do.

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