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Trimming Eyebrows - How to trim your eyebrows with trimmer?

Eyebrow Trimming

Align the guide mark (located on the shaping comb) with the outline of your eyebrow, and move the comb slowly from the tip of your eyebrow towards the base. Repeat 3 or 4 times, until the desired length is reached. Trim the top and bottom parts of your eyebrow separately.

Trimming the brow is another alternative to tweezing. Brush them up and the really long hairs will be very visible. Instead of tweezing and creating a hole, snip it with a pair of tiny scissors. Works wonderfully.

How short should I trim the eyebrow hairs?

The answer varies for everyone because eyebrow hairs are different. Trimming a brow hair too short can mean the hair will not lie flat. Brow hairs that are fine can  be trimmed shorter than coarse thick brow hairs. The heaviness of a longer hair will help the hair lie flat. 

For coarse hairs. Best to pick a single coarse eyebrow hair and use it as a test. Trim it down a bit at a time. Note how long it is and yet still lies flat. Look closely at the length of this hair and keep all your brows this length.

For fine (soft) eyebrow hairs. Brush the hair up from the bottom. Trim the length of the hair such that it is at least 3 - 5 millimeters above the top of the brow line.

No matter which option you pick - do one hair at a time. Go slowly. Trim a tiny bit and reassess. Plan on taking 5 minutes to do a good trimming job.

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